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You may have found that undoing the deletion of deleted operations of a maintenance order is not possible. We have implemented a solution that allows you to undo the deletion and to reactivate its components and PRTs (Production Ressources & Tools).

Menu of Maintenance Order

Once a maintenance order has been released, it is no longer possible to physically delete operations. In this case, operations are marked for deletion (system status I0013, DLT). You can now select individual operations which are already marked for deletion on the Operations tab page and undo the deletion in the menu under Edit -> Undo Deletion. The system deletes the deletion indicator and system status for this operation and its suboperations, and also reactivates its components and PRTs. After saving of the order, the correspondent purchase requisition or reservation will be updated as well.

If the object list entry has not been deleted in the meantime, the link to the object list entry will still be part of the operation after undoing the deletion.

When deleting an operation, capacity requirements for operations are deleted as well, but can be scheduled again when deletion of operation has been undone.

All other objects that are dependent on the operation, which were deleted before, such as for example relationships to other operations, LAM data (not in case of standard order view), and the link to assigned documents, cannot be reactivated using this functionality, because these objects are deleted physically.

You can also undo the deletion of deleted operations when you edit the maintenance order in the simple order view. Note that this new functionality is not supported for orders which are enabled for OAA (Operation Account Assignment).

You can use authorization object I_BETRVORG for business transaction RMUO if you would prefer to give authorization to undo the deletion only to certain users instead of all users. This business transaction is relevant for undoing the deletion of deleted operations. If you do not allow users to run this business transaction, they can not reactivate the operation.

The new functionality is now available with SAP Note 3083769 or with the SAP Enhancement Package 8 for SAP ERP 6.0 as well as for SAP S/4HANA 2020 and 2021. You can enable the new functionality by implementing either the SAP Note or the corresponding support packages and switching on the business function Enterprise Asset Management Part 18. To find out more, refer to the linked SAP Note.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new functionality, so please comment if you have any questions!

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