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In my last blog, I talked about the importance of balancing investments in HR software applications with the “under the hood” technology and infrastructure that supports them. There's no point in buying a beautiful, comfortable car if the engine is unreliable and the safety features don't work. Similarly, an impeccable paint job will have little impact on how long that car will last. With HR cloud solutions, the technology, infrastructure, operations, and services underneath the applications are what guarantees an application will start when you need it to, take you where you need to go, require minimum maintenance, and last as long as you need it to.

With over a decade of experience, SuccessFactors has developed many best practices "under the hood" that address our customers' greatest concerns about cloud solutions – which is exactly what I am going to share with you.

Creating a cloud environment that meets the needs and wants of thousands of customers in various industry sectors is a complex business. Yet articulating the details of that environment in an engaging way is pretty difficult too! I'm happy to say we've developed a unique solution: an interactive app where you can find out about everything that's under the SuccessFactors hood. 

The SuccessFactors Cloud Technology app is available today for iPhone, Android, Blackberry devices, tablets, and desktops. It includes text, graphics, and video that explain how SuccessFactors has optimized our cloud environment to maximize your experience. With short sections graphically organized into different categories, you'll be able to find what you need quickly.

Let's say you're in a meeting and a LoB manager wants to know if (and how) SuccessFactors supports single sign-on. From your mobile device, you can open our app, look under Security Services, find that single sign-on is discussed in the "Middleware" section, and one click will tell you the many ways we can integrate with your existing authorizing process and keep your data secure.

Or perhaps you've heard how analytics capabilities built into SuccessFactors solutions help you make better decisions quickly. Browsing to "Reporting and Analytics" under Application Services, you will find detailed information, videos, and examples that explain what our built-in analytics can do for your organization.

Thanks for reading. Take a look at the Cloud Technology app and drop me a line with your feedback.

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