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This is to provide detailed information on the known limitation of the feature “Add Unplanned Item” in the Fiori app “Process Service Orders”.

What are the associated roles?

Customer Service Manager (CSM) for Fiori app Manage Service Orders(MSO) and

Customer Service Technician(CST) for Fiori app Process Service Orders(PSO)

What is the new feature? Add unplanned Item (within the Fiori app PSO)

The CSM would have created a Service Order(SO) and its respective Service Confirmation(SC) using the MSO app(the respective SC can also be created from the PSO app). The CSM then assigns the SC to a Service Technician.

The “Add Unplanned item” feature enables the Service technician to create a new unplanned item on the Service Confirmation from a list of products that are available in the sales area of the Sold-To-Party and have it retrofitted into the Service Order as well.

This helps the Service technician in those cases where there is a need to create an unplanned/ unforeseen line item that gets identified while servicing.

With this single trigger, the system internally creates the new unplanned item on the Service Order and then on to the Service Confirmation enabling the Service Technician in confirming the right products, eliminating the dependency/ need to contact the Manager (CSM) for the addition of the unplanned products into the Service Order, hence also eliminating the need to create a new Service Confirmation as well.

What is the known limitation? If the Employee Responsible at the Service Order header and user that adds the new Service Order item are different, then the system assigns both the users as Employee Responsible on the newly created item which results in the item being in an erroneous state. This error on the Service Order Item is due multiple Employee Responsible being assigned at the item level. The multiple Employee Responsible determination occurs in CRM Web UI as well under the same circumstances (2 different users).

How do I fix it?

In this case of multiple Employee Responsible assigned at the Service Order Item level, the Manager in the CSM role must delete the relevant Employee Responsible from the new unplanned Service Order Item to resolve the error at the Service Order Item.

This deletion is possible by editing the Service Order via the Web UI edit feature enabled on the MSO app.

What are the related SAP Notes?

SAP Note: 2855575 - Unplanned Item feature - Standard behaviour


In conclusion, the user shall have to manually perform the deletion of the relevant employee responsible record to resolve the error.


Priyanka Bhat