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I'm glad to share to that new features of Fiori App 'Manage Sales Contracts - Version 2' are coming in CE2308, it will help you to bring your daily business with more usability.



In previous blog, there are some features have been introduced regards to mange the sales contracts. As an internal sales representative, if he/she wants to manage the sales contracts like to check the validity or output items when creating the documents, system will provide such information, and you can easily get the overview of it.


Key Features

1. Validity Period of Sales Contracts

After creating one sales contract, the fields valid from and valid to are required to maintain, to set the validity, and these information shall be displayed in places where has more visibility.

Besides of displaying the fields in section General Information, these fields are also provided in the header section of sales contract object page.

Validity of Sales Contracts

2. Output Item

Sales Contracts supports the output items to print the information of sales contract data, to send the sales contract information via email. The output items are defined in output management of sales documents. The output items are generated when sales contract is created, or sales contract is changed.

You can create the sales contract and input the certain data like normal processing, in sales contract object page, there is new tab Output Items available, and you can navigate the detail information by choosing this tab.

Output Item of Sales Contracts

When you choose the Open File, system will open the print layout with PDF format, you can print the information with your local setting.

Print Form

Please note that, only the output item display is supported this section, as it is the reused functionality for all sales documents, if you want to change such setting like channel or recipient in output, you need to change them in Application Output Parameter and Determination.


3. Create Sales Contract via Fiori

Till 2302, apart from the sales contract creation via Fiori UI, the traditional WebGUI application is also supported (Create sales Contract - VA41), in CE2308, only creation from UI is supported, so you can process the sales contracts with new options.

Create Sales Contract Button


However, in case you want to process the sales contracts via WebGUI application, you also have the possibilities create or edit or edit the sales contract by choosing one sales contract in worklist.

Contract Creation with WebGUI application


Now, all features provided for Manage Sales Contracts - Version 2 in 2308 has been shared to you,If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to comment under this article or post them in All Questions in SAP S/4HANA Cloud | SAP Community.


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