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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Issues concerning the export of Auditfile in Dutch localization.

The official .xsd schema from the ‘Belastingdienst’ has some validations with the export of the AuditFile:

  1. Countries needs to be according to the ISO3166 list.

There was an Issue with the first version(s) of the XSD schema. Not all country codes where accepted. Countries f.e.

Serbia (RS),

Montenegro (ME),

Curacao (CW),

Greece (GR),


were not included in the validation list.

  1. According to the .xsd schema the CustSupName cannot be longer then 50 characters, while in Business One they can have 100 characters.

  2. Same for the PostalCode, cannot be longer then 10 characters, but B1 can have more.

Result of this is the auditfile is not created and a log file is displayed. This logfile is not very clear.

The ‘real’ messages could be found in the system messages monitor of the B1 client (max. 50)

Therefore, two new .GEP files are created for the Dutch XML Auditfile:

  1. XAF-V1.0  with the correct country codes, but with a validation on the lengths of CustSupBame and PostalCode

  2. XAF-V1.0_NoValidation with the correct country codes, but without a validation on the lengths of CustSupBame and PostalCode. There will be a check and warnings in the system messages monitor of the B1 client

You can download the files on my GitHub: https://github.com/Jee1971/XAF

I also included the original .xsd file, which you can adjust to add the countries to the file and attach the newly created .xsd to the format with EFM.

To import the .GEP files, go to Administration - Setup - General - Electronic File Manager and upload the file(s) by pushing the right mouse button: