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During migrate your system from ECC to HANA, we need to synchronize all customer and vendor to BP. One of the situation is if the customer and vendor are same entity, we need to link them to same Business Partner.

Error R1367

In the past, we always receive below error:

Consistency error: 
Message no. R1367

This is because our system is checking below:

        a. The Customer and Vendor must be linked through the Customer number field in the Vendor table and the Vendor number field in the customer table.
        b. If the Customer and Vendor have the same Bank Account information (same Country, Bank Key and Bank Account), then the remaining fields for this entry must also match.
        c. The customer and vendor must contain exactly the same Postal Address information.The following fields are also checked :


If any of above does not meet the requirement, error will occurs.

Improvement of error R1367

Then we have below note which improve the error message.

3088419 - DDIC for Legal Entity BAdI Message (367) Enhancements   

3067086 - Legal Entity BAdI Message (367) Enhancements   


The error message will show in below way:



We also develop a functionality so that we can select the leading object instead of manually change every difference field between customer and vendor.

To realize this functionality, please implement below note :

 3072319 - Legal Entity - Data Harmonization (CVI_LE_DATA_HARMONIZATION) Report

 3088771 - DDIC Changes for Legal Entity - Data Harmonization (CVI_LE_DATA_HARMONIZATION) Report

 3082146 - Legal Entity - Data Harmonization (CVI_LE_DATA_HARMONIZATION) Report integration in CVI_CO...

 3081338 - Legal Entity - Data Harmonization (CVI_LE_DATA_HARMONIZATION) Report integration into MDS...

 Then let us look into CVI_LEDH

  • The difference between customer and vendor will get checked in t-code CVI_LEDH, it including address check, tax check, and bank check.


  • If both of the customer and vendor does not synchronize to BP yet, they will get shown in the result of CVI_LEDH.
  • We can select the leading object, which means during synchronize from customer and vendor to BP, the BP will use the data from customer or from vendor. For example, for the sample customer MYCUST71 and vendor MYVEND71, I select customer as leading object for address data, and vendor as leading object for bank data.
  • After selecting, please press save button.


Let us see what will happen during synchronization:

Sample customer MYCUST71, does not maintain bank data.

Sample vendor MYVEND71, maintain one bank data.

And the synchronization options set up in below way.


  • After vendor synchronize to BP, currently the customer does not synchronize to BP. Re-run the t-code, the customer MYCUST71 and vendor MYVEND71 (LIEF) will no longer there.

  • If checking into table CVI_LEDH, we can get below record:
  • Bp has the bank data which get synchronized from vendor

  • Run MDS_LOAD_Cockpit to synchronize customer to BP. The BP then has both customer role and vendor role. And bank data keep no changes.


  • Customer still does not have bank data

  • At this time, when looking into table CVI_LEDH, the status keeps 03.



  • Then I re-run t-code CVI_LEDH, the status change to 05



  • Let us see if we change any data at customer side. 

    BP name get changed, but the bank data keeps





  • If we try to add a new bank data to customer. After it synchronize to BP, it behaves below





You can see that after using functionality CVI_LEDH, if there are difference between customer and vendor, we can select one of it as leading object, after both of them get synchronized to BP, it will not change the data which didn't get selected as leading object. In this case, vendor has same bank information as BP, but customer still keep no bank data.

Please also follow below steps before migrate to HANA, to make sure customer, vendor and BP data are same.

MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT: Business Partner -> Customer
a. Select only Business Partners where customer and vendor are merged into.
b. This step is to synchronize the address, tax data, and bank details of the Business
Partner to the Customer.
c. This step is also required to link the previous vendor Contact Person to customer

MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT: Business Partner -> Vendor
a. Select only Business Partners where customer and vendor are merged into.
b. This step is to synchronize the address, tax data, and bank details of the Business
Partner to the Vendor.
c. This step is also required to link the previous customer Contact Person to vendor

Best regards