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While SAP Business ByDesign Intelligent Invoice Scanning provides a high degree of process automation, still most of the scans should be reviewed by a user before creating an invoice. With SAP Business ByDesign Release 2202 several enhancements have been added to further improve user productivity. In this blog I will introduce those:

  1. Bounding boxes for scanned values

Before release 2202 the PDF panel on the right side of the review UI was used to simply display the scanned PDF document. With release 2202 this PDF panned has been rebuilt completely. First and most obviously, bounding boxes indicate that this section of the PDF document was source of the scanned value. Blue bounding boxed show header fields, whereas orange bounding boxes are used for item data. When hovering over with the mouse, the corresponding scanned value and field name are highlighted as a tooltip.

  1. Highlighting and positioning scanned values

Although bounding boxed and tooltips already simplify the review of the PDF document significantly a user might still find it difficult to locate the scanned values in a document, especially for large and crowded invoices. To address this a user can now easily locate and highlight a scanned field by simply clicking on one of the reviewed values in the left side of the UI.

As a result, the selected value will be highlighted with a tool tip and the PDF document is automatically scrolled to the corresponding value.


  1. Annotation of fields in the PDF panel

Finally, in case a value was either not scanned correctly or not scanned at all, users can select the corresponding section in the PDF panel with the left mouse button pressed. As a result, a popup will be launched where users can correct the scanned value and map it to a field in the document. This can be done both for header and item data.

In my example the user has selected the order ID in the PDF panel and maps it to the ‘Order ID’ field from the drop-down list. Of course, the annotation information is saved in the scanned document for later reference, in case needed.

Hope you find this new PDF panel helpful when reviewing scanned invoices or credit memos.

Please also have a look at my video.