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It's always when you need an important document, or when you need a question answered quickly, that you see this:

Employee absences are costly and disruptive. According to a study conducted by Kronos and SHM, the average cost of an employee's leave of absence is about 35% of his or her payroll. While employers have done a great job of promoting corporate wellness programs and encouraging employees to make better health decisions, employees still need time off - for vacations, holidays and important life events.

Most employees today manage their daily schedules through Outlook or their corporate email. They setup meetings, arrange travel plans, plan happy hours, all through their corporate email calendar. Yet, when employees actually go through the process of submitting time off - they need to complete the process through a completely different system, wait for approval, and then manually update their calendars.

SAP SuccessFactors and Microsoft are excited to announce our latest integration between SuccessFactors and Office 365. With this integration, we're simplifying the process of submitting a leave of absence, empowering employees and managers to setup more efficient meetings, and helping employees better manage their schedules.

How the SuccessFactors + Office 365 Integration works

Using Intelligent Services and the Microsoft Office 365 API, we are able to create an end-to-end integration for when an employee submits Time Off.

Here, Ben is logged into his SuccessFactors Home Page where he can directly request Time Off.

After Ben clicks the Time Off button, he's able to submit his reason for his Time Off request and select the dates in which he will be out of the office. When he hits submit, the Time Off request is automatically routed to his manager for approval. In this case, Ben's time off was submitted and no additional approvals were needed based on his company's leave of absence policy. However, HR admins are able to set permissions which would require Ben to get approval from his manager from within SuccessFactors.

Reschedule Meetings Directly from SAP SuccessFactors

When Ben navigates back to his Home Screen - he now has a new recommended "ToDo" - which asks him to Reschedule Meetings.

When Ben clicks on the "Meetings to Reschedule" button, it takes him to the following screen. SAP SuccessFactors delivers recommendations on meetings to reschedule based on Ben's leave of absence request.

Now, when Ben goes back to his Outlook calendar, we are able to see that his Time Off request is fully integrated and that his time has been blocked off. Ben doesn't forget to setup his out-of-office message, and he's already rescheduled his meetings during this period. Through this integration between SAP SuccessFactors and Office 365, we're helping our customers better manage the leave of absence problem.

Strengthening our partnership with Microsoft

At SAP SuccessFactors we are committed to help our customers make the most of their strategic investments. This isn't the first time we've partnered with Microsoft either. We've delivered several other integrations that are built to improve employee productivity. Here are some examples below:

  • Microsoft Skype for Business + SAP SuccessFactors Learning integration enables employees to learn anytime, anywhere, from any device. This integration also provides a cost-effective way for instructors to teach and deliver courses to anyone in the world.

  • Microsoft Outlook + SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting integration provides recruiters and job applicants with improved communications and automated interview scheduling to ensure organizations are able to attract the best possible talent.

As we expand our partnership with Microsoft, we look forward to continuing to deliver new innovations and the best possible HR cloud applications and services to our customers. 

Note: The SAP SuccessFactors and Microsoft Office 365 integration was demoed at SAPPHIRENOW 2016