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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

In SAP S/4HANA Cloud, how to generate multiple output items for production orders with the same data source and different form templates.

When the output items are viewed in the production order, or when an order is released and saved, Output Parameter Determination runs to determine the relevant output items and parameters in the background by applying business rules in decision tables.

SAP delivers default output settings to print a pick list and data list. We can change this with app Output Parameter Determination.

In Step Receiver, both lists are assigned to only one role “  “ (space) by default. If more than one form should be printed for a list, we can define more receiver entries with different roles to generate multiple outputs items following below steps.

Take output type : ORDER_DATA_LIST as example.

  1. Create a new form template YY1_ORDER_DATA_LIST based on standard form template : PP_MOR_DATA_LIST in app Maintain Form Template.
  2. Assign the form template in SSCUI-102313 (Assign Form Templates)

  3. Go to app ‘Output Parameter Determination’ , choose Business Rule : ‘Manufacturing Order (Production Planning)’ and Determination Step : ‘Receiver’.
    Create different Roles for Output Type : ORDER_DATA_LIST then activate it.



  4. Go to Determination Step : ‘Form Template’, maintain different form templates per Roles then activate it.
    Since column ‘Role’ is hidden by default , this needs to be enabled in the table settings.


      Tick on ‘Role’ and ensure that no other columns are ticked on, then hit OK to show the column ‘Role’ in the Decision Table.



  5.  Add a new entry for ORDER_DATA_LIST, maintain the Role and Form Template accordingly then activate the change. 


  6. Now, if creating production order, 2 output items will be generated automatically with different form templates.