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Hello community,

Need to keep your business compliant and don't know how to keep track of upcoming legal changes?

Find out the latest legal requirements for your country using the Announcement of Legal Change application in SAP ONE Support Launchpad (https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/legalchangenotification)  and discover how easy it is to stay up-to-date on the legal changes that may affect your company.

It provides you with the upcoming legal changes where you can choose and display which ones are relevant for your business.

How to use filters?

In the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, you select the Announcement of Legal Change tile and a screen with field parameters can be entered:

  • Country/Region

  • Component

  • Company Status

  • Keywords

  • Product

  • Planned Delivery Date

  • Publication Date

  • Customer System

Choose the filters that you want and click on Go to display the results:

(Note: the fields are case sensitive)

To create a Default Variant with the filters you choose, click on Standard* and hit Save As. Remember to set a name for your variant.



How to get notifications?

To set up the notifications, go to the Notification Area and then Manage Notifications:


Now, it’s your choice if you want to be informed by e-mail, SMS or Launchpad (you can choose all of them, if you want to) and the frequency you want to receive.


To set the frequency you want to receive the notifications, click on the icon next to Announcement of Legal Change:


It shows all the variants you created and clicking on Notification Frequency, the drop down gives you the options (Daily, Weekly or Monthly). Choose the frequency that better suits your business, then hit Save.


If the tile Announcement of Legal Change does not show in your home section in ONE Support Launchpad, you can customize it.

In My Home, click on the Personalize icon to the left of the SAP logo:

Then, in On Premise – Administration you can find the tile name Announcement of Legal Changes. Click on the plus icon to add the tile to My home:


The tile now shows up in My Home screen with the number of legal changes according to your variant.


The dashboard

When you open the Announcement of Legal Change, a list with all of the legal changes is shown. It provides the completion Status, the component, the SAP Notes available, planned or publication date and the level of complexity.

Selecting the legal change on this list and by clicking on the row, you see a column with the following information:

  • Header with general information: if the note you want already exists, you can navigate to it by clicking on the link.

  • Basic tab: here, you find more information about the legal change (a brief introduction, business impact, references to the law and the expected solution).

  • Prerequisite Notes tab: where you will find the SAP Note for the legal change and other related SAP Notes, the component, the release range and if manual activities are required or not.

Completion status

The completion status is the implementation status of the system update for a legal change in your system. Usually, the default status is Open and you can change the status (it will be visible to all users in your company) for one of the following:

  • In Process: you are implementing the system update in your system.

  • Implemented: the implementation is complete.

  • Not Relevant: the legal change is not relevant for your business.


For more information, you can refer to the following videos:




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