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App “Import Sales Orders” allows you to create multiple sales orders via excel. You can download the excel template, input sales order information and upload excel to create related sales orders.

When you download the template, there are many supported fields in sheet “Field List”. For most fields, you need to enter keys (technical IDs), instead of descriptions, as order data. You may have questions about how to find such values for the fields, because there is no UI to guide you to select the value you want. Hence, I summarized some methods for this case.

  • From Dropdown List

Examples:  Delivery Block, Order Reason etc.

Open Create Sales Orders – VA01, Click More -> GUI Actions and Settings to open SAP GUI for HTML Settings. If you are using Fiori app “Create Sales Orders”, you don’t need to any settings.

In view Interaction Design -> Visualization, enable “Show dropdown lists with keys”.

Then you can find the technical IDs for supported fields in dropdown list.


  • From Value Help

  1. Example: Inco. Version etc.

In Web GUI, open value help of Incoterm Version.

     2. Example: Pricing related fields

In Excel, there are four related fields about pricing.

In Web GUI, you can find the technical IDs for these fields in tab “Conditions”.


  • From Other UI elements

Example: Text fields

In Excel, there are two related fields about Text.

In Web GUI, you can find the technical IDs for these fields in tab “Texts”.


For more information about Text and Pricing, please refer to Blog – Import Sales Orders (Part 3): Text fields and pricing elements support