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Active Participant

Here's the issue:

You run a customer project that requires participation from resources that are employed to other companies in your group.

Say company B - the buying company ... that sells the customer project :???: - orders services from company S - the selling company. In addition to the services you also order an expense product. The employee from S who renders the services for B - creates an expense report that is account assigned to the customer project in B. On posting the expense report in S, the system also creates a goods and service receipt (GSR) in B. Unfortunatly, in B, there is no way to find out the expense report that is associated with the GSR.... until now!

This is what you currently see in ByD:

The expense report is account assigned to a customer project CPSO78 and has three receipts:

Project management: "Not invoiced time and expenses":

The solution is to create a data source with SAP Cloud Application Studio means and then provide analytics report that allows you to identify the expense report:

Here are the steps: