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The integration product team is working on the design of SuccessFactors offboarding integration with SAP ERP HCM. The product team ganesh.kudva2 sanjaykumar.raina scilly.wang  and yamini.polisetty  would like some input and advice from partners who may have built custom implementations for two scenarios in offboarding.

1. Tracking Return Of Equipment Issued

In an offboarding business process, typically customers have a workflow to verify return of equipment issued to employee.  In case of Talent hybrid customers, who manage their equipment issued to employees using ERP, where and how is this information  read or retrieved?  Can you share some insights? Do you have any custom developments that retrieve this information from SAP ERP? 

2. Travel Settlements

Customers want to make sure that all travel settlements are concluded in SAP ERP for the employee who is off-boarded. How do you do this for your customers today? Can you share some insights? Have you built any custom implementations to integrate this information?”

If you have built custom solutions for the above scenarios and are willing to share your insight and influence the design of the integration, please leave a comment or email me your thoughts. The product team will be grateful for your support.

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1. Company equipment - Infotype 40 is used normally.  There may be custom infotypes also in some companies.

2. Travel - Travel privileges infotype 17 - may or may not be used in some companies.  This may be through FI/AP - by setting up employee as a vendor.

In any case, when an employee has any travel related info, a link may be set up in HR, e.g., Monitoring of Tasks infotype 19.

Both of these can be tracked as part of termination procedure.  It can be automated through termination action.  A regular or adhoc report can be run for all/selected employees with such links.

Of course the full financial settlement would be part of the procedure.


Termination can be through a change document which includes these reports and before the employee can be bid good bye, the process can ensure there is no pending action.

I have designed/built custom solutions (PT/PY functions and operations, reports), in SAP HR, however not been part of creating solutions for this purpose.

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jagan.gunja I appreciate your insight and your time. I have shared your input with my colleagues who are designing this integration. ganesh.kudva2 sanjaykumar.raina scilly.wang yamini.polisetty

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As I mentioned earlier it is also necessary to process

- delimiting access to company assets - login to network, SAP, or other systems

- exit interview

Similar processes need to be designed for on-boarding, which often get delayed

- Company's welcome pack - policies, goals, same for org unit

- for the position - goals/objectives/tasks & responsibilities,

- career/development opportunities,

- remuneration/deductions information

- access to company assets

- forms to be filled/signed

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For #1, I have seen this done in all manner of ways. From infotype 40 as mentioned to simply a custom table(s) to interfaces (dumping/reading) files to an external "whatever" method of tracking.I have rarely come across a client that has used formal SAP, rigid "Fixed Asset tracking"....at least in conjunction with anything on the HR side that I touch (ESS, MSS, HCM processes and forms, etc).

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Hi Prashanth,

For #1- Usually will maintain in IT40 - object on loan also other country specific info like car lease. We developed processes and forms which will trigger as part of termination and will be routed to all the relevant owners to get acknowledged of return.

For #2 - Travel settlement usually be declared by employee once offborded from trip which includes all the expenses including perdiem and other expenses. We have used standard application, but given permission to all the relevant participants including travel desk, hotel booking person who will record the expenses in the employee's trip.



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christopher.solomon Thanks for sharing your experience and advising us on the practical thing to do. I appreciate it very much. I have shares the input with scilly.wang sanjaykumar.raina ganesh.kudva2 and yamini.polisetty. They are the ones building this integration.

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rony.john I appreciate the insight. The design team has made a note of it.

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jagan.gunja Thanks Jagan.