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Today we're introducing new customer onboarding experience and quality check enhancements in the RISE with SAP Methodology. All customers subscribing for the first time to RISE with SAP after April 1, 2024, will go through this improved experience at no additional cost. The new experience provides guided enablement and related tools and services to help customers implement their cloud ERP solutions with clarity and confidence. This experience brings focus to ‘clean core’ mindset and simplifies best practice implementation of clean core by making it a more central, actionable and measurable standard of all implementations. This ensures that all customers benefit from business agility, faster innovation cycles, and improve value realisation.

The announcement articulated two main areas of new investments SAP is making and these are the following:

  • Expert onboarding guidance through embedded launch activities: To share best practice guidance that we have learned over thousands of successful RISE with SAP customer implementations, each SAP customer will be assigned dedicated SAP advisor who delivers 1:1 and 1:many enablement sessions educating customers on the RISE with SAP methodology, clean core strategy and related tools for implementation. Read more.
  • Project Roadmap to RISE with SAP now enhanced with clean core activities: The proven project best practices roadmap to RISE with SAP has been enhanced with the ‘clean-core’ success plan and quality gates at the end of each project phase. RISE customers get introduced to the new enhanced activities during the customer onboarding (delivered via embedded launch activities). Furthermore, RISE customers get feedback and recommendations from SAP during the “clean core quality gates” at the end of each project phase.  These gates ensure customers implement in alignment with best practices.

In this blog post, we are providing you with more details on the second component of the new onboarding experience delivered through the newly added clean core activities and the enhanced services RISE with SAP customers get as part of their subscription.

What is a ‘Clean core’ and how do you get there? Clean core is a system built with a foundation that allows you to achieve greater agility, rapidly innovate, and operate efficiently. Implementing a clean core is a multi-dimensional, on-going activity that customers should undertake with every adoption cycle.  We recognize that customers need support and guidance to help them get to clean core-based implementations and that is why we are bringing renewed focus on this topic as part of the onboarding experience in RISE with SAP methodology. It starts with the embedded launch activities where the SAP assigned advisor educates customers on the RISE with SAP methodology, clean core best practices and shares the enhanced tools and services we deliver to implement those best practices. Let’s unpack this and cover some more details. 

Clean core focused success plan and Quality gates Drawing from the experience of thousands of successful RISE with SAP projects, best practice tasks for each phase of the project have been encapsulated in the “RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition” project roadmap.  The SAP Activate Roadmap Viewer grants immediate web browser access to the “RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition” project roadmap. This aids the customer's team in learning the sequence of activities required for a successful RISE with SAP project execution. We have enhanced the roadmap for RISE with SAP with a clean core focused success plan which includes milestones and KPIs that customers should achieve to run a clean core. These tasks are based on best practices that we have gathered from thousands of successful RISE with SAP implementations. Each task comes with a clear description and is complimented with additional accelerators for further guidance.

Picture 1.png

The proven roadmap to RISE with SAP not only facilitates time and cost savings, but also enhances the quality of results at every stage of the project.  This is through the quality gates we have implemented at the end of each project phase in which the customer answers a questionnaire and based on the responses, SAP team gives feedback and recommendations in the form of a clean core report which informs project tasks.

Track progress through clean core-based runbook

Picture 2.png

SAP customers get access to the SAP Cloud ALM platform for streamlined project management and execution. The platform allows them to review “RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition” project roadmap tasks or any specific roadmap available through the Activate roadmap viewer and assign them to team members, a partner or SAP. More than just overseeing the project, it’s task execution and documentation, SAP Cloud ALM provides extensive support covering the entire lifecycle, from system operations and alert monitoring to continuous improvement.

By leveraging SAP Activate and SAP Cloud ALM, customers can benefit from best practice experiences, ensure high-quality project execution, and achieve operational excellence. Following the successful rollout, it's important to persistently monitor your usage of RISE with SAP, leverage the opportunity to uncover areas of potential improvement and furthermore, ensure your business is making the most of new features or updates rolled out by SAP. Throughout this journey, SAP's global network of knowledgeable partners are a valuable resource for customers using RISE with SAP. The SAP Partner Finder accessible on SAP.com is a handy tool for identifying such skilled partners for RISE with SAP. 

We are excited about these efforts to help improve your journey to Cloud ERP. To learn more, join us for our upcoming webinar on May 23rd where we will go deeper into this new onboarding experience in RISE with SAP Methodology. Register here.  

To hear more about the RISE with SAP Methodology, please join us at the upcoming Sapphire and ASUG Annual conference  in Orlando on June 4th and 5th.

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