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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
This document shows you how a fictional company manages an R&D project for coffee machines in an end-to-end process.

The fictional company focuses on the manufacturing and sale of coffee and coffee machines.

End-to-End Process

Tom, the Project Manager, had a clear mission - to design a new coffee machine that would revolutionize the industry. With this goal in mind, he set out to create a project plan, outlining the tasks and timeline required to bring this vision to life.


Realizing that he would need resources and materials to successfully execute the project, Tom began by identifying the key requirements. He needed a skilled resource who could design the coffee machine and a drawing software to support the design process. To formalize these needs, he created two demands - one for the resource and another for the material.


Tom wasted no time in finding the perfect resource for the job. After careful consideration, he assigned Niclas, a talented designer with the necessary qualifications and availability, to the project. With Niclas on board, Tom felt confident that the design aspect of the coffee machine would be in capable hands.




Meanwhile, Niclas eagerly started working on his assigned tasks. He meticulously recorded his working hours, ensuring that his time was accurately accounted for and could be properly allocated to the project.


On the other side of the project, Cathrine, the Purchaser, took charge of the purchasing process for the drawing software required by Niclas. Understanding the importance of timely procurement, she promptly initiated the procurement process, carefully selecting the most suitable software that would meet Niclas' design needs.

After a few days, Emily, a diligent employee in the administration department, received the ordered goods - the drawing software. She meticulously checked the package to ensure that everything was in order and then proceeded to post the goods receipt, officially acknowledging the arrival of the software.


Throughout the project, Tom diligently monitored the progress of his demands. As the project unfolded, he received regular updates from Niclas, who provided him with the completed design work. Simultaneously, Emily's prompt action in posting the goods receipt confirmed the arrival of the drawing software.

With both the resources' work and the materials for the project in his possession, Tom was satisfied that his demands had been successfully fulfilled. He closed the demands, marking a significant milestone in the project's journey.

Tom's attention to detail and effective management ensured that the project progressed smoothly. By identifying the necessary resources and materials, assigning the right people to the tasks, and closely monitoring the progress, he successfully navigated the challenges of designing a new coffee machine.

As the project continued to unfold, Tom's leadership and the collective efforts of the team brought the coffee machine closer to reality.
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