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SAP S/4HANA Cloud supports Quality Engineer to record and process the internal or external problems via Quality Notifications. In cloud, there are broadly three standard QM notifications exists to process the defects or problems like customer complaints, complaints against suppliers and company-internal problems. The framework is much comprehensive and need to initiate various actions as part of resolution process. This user-friendly handy action box can be used to execute the follow-up actions while processing quality notifications. Follow-up actions helps to process a notification and are documented as an activity or task for the notification header or notification item after being executed. For the execution of the follow-up action, you can also define follow-up action parameters that can be entered on a separate UI.

In this blog, I will explain how to make the Action box with predefined follow-up actions visible in the quality notifications. Here, we have taken the customer complaint notification (Q1) as an example to enable the display of the predefined follow up action to ‘Start Problem Solving Process’ in the Q1 notification screen.

Business Roles:

Business Roles Business Roles Description
SAP_BR_BPC_EXPERT Configuration Expert-Business Process Configuration

Customizing Configuration:

Once the SAP S/4HANA cloud system is provisioned, the default configuration for the Action Box will be in place with the predefined follow-up actions. You can review the same in the below customizing path,

  • Access the app SIMG > Compliance, Trade, and Quality > Quality Management > Quality Improvement > Quality Management Notification General > Define Action Box

  • In the Define Action box screen, you will be able to see the Function code assignment to Q1 notification under the Activities tab.

  • In the details screen, you can see the predefined follow-up action ‘SAP_QNCP’ (Start Problem Solving Process) assignment to the notification type Q1 with the Function code ‘0500’.

  • The Function code ‘0510’ (Review Problem-Solving) has been defined as a dependent follow-up function to the function code 0500 (Start Problem Solving). Dependent Follow-up function can be executed only after the execution of its parent function.

Enable the Action box visibility in the Q1 notification:

Though the configuration is in place, the action box won’t be visible in Quality notification screen (QM01/QM02/QM03) by default once the SAP S/4HANA cloud system is provisioned. Using BAdI ‘BADI_QQM_NOTIF_ACTIONBOX_FOA (Adjust Execution of Action Box Follow-Up Action)’, you can make the Action box follow-up actions visible in the quality notifications. Perform below steps to execute the BadI,

  • Access the Fiori app ‘Custom Logic’

  • Click on ‘+’ icon > Input the values as shown in the below image and click on Create.

  • Draft the below logic > Save your Draft > Test the code (optional) and click on Publish to complete the implementation.

  • Access QM01/QM02/QM03 to view the enabled Action box in the Quality notification screen.

Appearance of the Action Box:

In the standard system, the action box is displayed as a tree. In this mode, the follow-up functions are displayed in a list in different colors. The colors have the following meaning:

  • Blue: The follow-up action is active and can be executed. For example, ‘Start Problem-solving’ in the above snap is in blue color which is active now and can be executed.

  • Black: The follow-up action is inactive and cannot be executed (yet). For example, ‘Review Problem-Solving’ in the above snap is in black color as it is defined as a dependent follow-up function to the ‘Start Problem-Solving’ in customizing and cannot be executed until the parent function is executed.

  • Gray: The follow-up action has been executed and cannot be executed again. If the function code is marked with the indicator ‘Only Performed Once’, then that function code will be in gray color.

Hope this is useful and for more details on the Action Box configurations and usage, please refer the SAP help portal.

Happy Learning!!