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DMEEX is a really complex tool and during the maintenance and improvement of this tool a lot of notes were created. Sometimes the notes contain complex changes and is not easy to implement them.

To speed up the implementation process of DMEEX correction instructions, we have collected SAP Notes correction instructions relevant to DMEEX in a single SAP Note 3077367 based on TCI. This SAP Note is valid for all SAP S/4HANA releases. It is also a prerequisite for the future updates of the DMEEX solution. Implementing the corrections instructions through this TCI delivery is very simple, takes just a few minutes and avoids the typical note implementation problems.

What is TCI?

The SAP Note Transport-Based Correction Instructions (TCI) is a way to deliver ABAP correction instructions in a more flexible manner. TCI groups several correction instructions in the same functional area and allows you to implement them all at once. This means that the TCI delivery has a clear functional focus and less side-effects as it only affects the dedicated functionality. There are many benefits to using TCI delivery and you can read about them in the dedicated SAP Help page. In there, you can also find about the process of TCI implementation.

TCI process explanation

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