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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Implementation Design Principles for SAP SuccessFactors Solutions: What, Where & How?

You would have come across or even contributed to one of the most comprehensive & extensively reviewed implementation assets of the SAP SuccessFactors ecosystem called implementation design principles for SAP SuccessFactors Solutions (IDPs).  

These assets distill in them the industry-leading practices & practical knowledge of how to best implement, leverage & optimize SAP SuccessFactors solutions. There are documents, blog posts, and even webinars on implementation design principles for SAP SuccessFactors Solutions. To know more about them, please check out the following link: IDPs on SAP SuccessFactors Customer Community containing more than 50+ assets. 

These assets are owned & maintained by SAP SuccessFactors Product Management. Many are created in close collaboration with SAP Professional Services & SAP SuccessFactors Partners who bring in rich & diverse implementation experience. This collaboration has helped to document & holistically address many implementation challenges as well harmonize implementations across regions & industries. We are extremely glad and proud of this partnership. In order to understand the end-to-end IDP development process, please visit the blog post - Unveiling the Making of Implementation Design Principles for SAP SuccessFactors Solutions.

🎖🏆🎖Implementation Design Principles Champions (IDP Author Badge)

To recognize & appreciate the written contribution to these rich implementation assets, SAP SuccessFactors acknowledges and appreciates SAP SuccessFactors Partners & SAP SuccessFactors Internals by valuing their dedication through issuing the Implementation Design Principles Champion badge. See below for an example:  


SAP SuccessFactors IDP Champion Badge  

👩🏻‍🎓✍🏻👨🏻‍🎓Are you are an experienced SuccessFactors expert and excited to contribute your expertise to the larger ecosystem by becoming an IDP author yourself? Here are the eligibility criteria to becoming an IDP author: 

  • Hold an SAP SuccessFactors Application Associate level certification valid at the time of writing and publication (mandatory). 🎓

  • Write the document based on the suggested word count depending on the number of co-authors & document size. Please note that word count is only indicative as additional activities around prototyping, validation, and documenting take considerable time. Authoring also includes incorporating feedback from reviewers. 🖋

  • Critically review the document and provide significant feedback that is both rigorous and constructive enhancing the overall quality of the document. 🔍

  • Contribute to the IDP blog post on SAP Community. 📡

  • Co-host the IDP webinar.🎤

IDP Size  Avg. No. of Pages 


(Max. No. of Authors) 

Total Word Count 


Avg. Percentage breakup/author 

Small  6-10  2-3  ~3000-5000 

~50%- 33.33% 

Medium  11-20  3-5  ~5500-10000 

~ 33.33%- 20% 

Large  21-50  6-8  ~10,500-25,000 

~16.7% -12.5 


                                                                                                        (Avg. word count/page ~500) 

                                  IDP Author: Indicative Word Count Contribution  

You don’t need to fulfill all the criteria mentioned above. Certified experts who write the document will co-host the IDP webinar or contribute to the IDP blog post to qualify for a badge. Similarly, certified experts who critically review the document in this manner should either co-host the IDP webinar or contribute to the IDP blog post that allows us to categorize them as IDP authors & be eligible for IDP author badges. SAP SuccessFactors has the final discretion to categorize IDP authors & award badges based on the above-mentioned criteria.

🛑✍🏻🛑 Plagiarism

The content written by IDP authors should and will be original. We prohibit copying external content from any materials/sources. IDP authors should ensure they are not using any content that is classified as confidential or internal or made available for its sole purpose. In case there is a necessity for the author to make reference to another external content or copy the content in the IDP document, then it should be done with full consent and approval of the original author. In such a case, the original author will be duly acknowledged in the IDP document. This original author will be credited with an IDP Champion's badge too if they fulfill other above-mentioned badge eligibility criteria.

🎖✍🏻🎖IDP Revision/Extension & Badges

IDPs are revised on a regular basis (once a year typically). New authors who have significantly contributed to a revision of any existing IDPs are also issued badges based on the above-mentioned criteria. Also, a badge is issued based on each IDP you have contributed as an author. So, you may get a similar product area badge multiple times based on the number of IDPs authored within the same product area but issued on a different date.   

🎖✍🏻🎖Badge Validity & Extension

IDP author badges are valid for 2 years from the date of issue. Keeping the validity of the badges is the onus of the author. You need to reach out to SAP SuccessFactors Product Advisory & Partner Success team by writing to sapsuccessfactorsidpdoc@sap.com at least 2-3 months in advance of badge expiry and be involved in a revision or inclusion of additional content to the IDP document that you have initially authored. 

If you are keen to be on this journey with us as an author, then do contact us. We look forward to your feedback or any questions on this topic. We will keep this blog post always up-to-date for full visibility with any future changes to the criteria.  

Happy IDPing!!😃