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(aka Billing with billing Form = 01 in ERP Customer Service Order)

The price for customer-specific services is not always defined in a contract as fixed prices, nor they can always be determined using standard pricing. Here we will bill a customer for the resources used

During this resource-related billing, the system creates dynamic items from the expenditure information on the work order. Data is summarized - from defined sources, such as actual cost line items - using the dynamic item processor (DIP) profile, a system configurable profile.

For Resource Related billing  with billing form = 01 scenario, service is billed as a single main item from a DMR (debit memo request) . To begin with the service represented by a service product has no price master.  The net price billable to the customer is determined from the aggregated cost of individual subitems. There is only one debit memo request created at the end of the completion of the service and this is subsequently billed out.

The customer service professional may choose to allow only a subset of all those actual costs incurred for the service by rejecting certain cost lines for the work for DMR creation.


Process Steps for the cost + uplift billing for Service:

  1. Create Service Order (in std SAP configuration) SM02 order type

  2. Plan activities, spare parts etc., in the Order

  3. Release service order

4.   Perform activities and parts confirmation for the service order

5.   Technically complete service order


6.  Execute Resource Related billing (DP90)

Main Item 10 = Non statistical line

Rest of Items (sub items) = statistical lines


PCO4 = Actual cost condition


7.    Create billing document



Pls note:  The net price can also be determined from the existing pricing conditions of the main item’s  service product , as normally this condition type if available in the pricing procedure has a higher precedence in its determination.


Kindly share your review comments if any.