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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Struggling to connect with Edmin on

a deeper level?

Here are some communication tips

§Split your topics into separate messages and send them one by one

Every time you send a message to Edmin, he assigns it to a category of topics he believes it belongs to and provides an answer, base on that assignment. This means that when you merge sentences from different topics into a single message, Edmin will get confused and fail to absorb the distinct information you provide.

For example, the phrase 'Hi Edmin! What can you do?' is assigned to two different topic groups. Thus, it would be better to say 'Hi', wait for a response, and then ask 'What can you do?' at a later stage in the conversation

§Keep your questions precise and concise

Please include all appropriate technical terms, but minimise any introductory phrases and background information that is not directly related to your question.

We have a new company code that we're starting to transact against and our accounting team got an error trying to post a journal entry. Based on what I've seen on the error through a search, on prem resolution seems to be through transaction OBYA, but I have no idea what that transaction is in S/4HC.

I get an error trying to post a journal entry. What app does tcode OBYA, correspond to in S/4HC?

§Avoid specific examples

Keep your description generic by referring to the process, instead of specific examples.

I have a new company code 1020 that I have copied from 1010 and period variant 1020 has been created automatically. Do you know if it's possible to assign variant 1010 to both company codes?

Is it possible to assign the same period variant to multiple company codes?

§Do not use attachments

Unfortunately Edmin cannot read attachments, such as screenshots, word/ excel documents. Please type in the necessary information.

Profitability analysis is out of scope and when posting a customer invoice we don't want to have the segment field as mandatory.

Profitability analysis is out of scope and when posting a customer invoice we receiver the error message K1235. Can you help?

§Is it a question or a discussion?

If your issue is of broader nature than a question and requires further investigation or input from multiple people, you may start a discussion around it. You can find the ‘start a discussion’ option in each LoB page.

Example of a discussion