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Most customers like to be on the leading, but not necessarily, on the bleeding edge of technology. They want to know that other companies have been there and done that before them – so they can learn key lessons and best practices to make their own deployment run smoothly. Customers want to understand why a solution was selected, how they approached the implementation and what business value and benefits are expected or realized. That’s why customer stories are so important to share in the technology industry.

When it comes to SAP S/4HANA customers, we have numerous “reference stories” that span industries and regions – so it eases the decision-making process for new customers. It’s enlightening to understand each customer’s journey and fun to see the common threads among customers – like why they are embarking on a digital transformation, how they plan to prepare their end users for new business processes and what value they gain.

The Why

Many customers recognize they need to move to SAP S/4HANA to survive in business. They may have been running their business on a variety of legacy ERP systems, QuickBooks or even just Excel and now realize that to compete in the digital economy, their systems need to be digital. Companies are meeting new competitive and market challenges every day and oftentimes, need to respond by creating new business models to discover innovative ways to increase revenue and reduce costs. With so much data coming in to a business from all directions, having a centralized digital core is essential for visibility and transparency to help make better decisions in a timely fashion.

The How

Once the decision to implement SAP S/4HANA is made, having a solid implementation strategy is important. No matter if you choose a greenfield implementation or a system conversion, the key to ensure agility and flexibility is engaging with business users from day 1 through to go live. Many customers have selected to run their deployment using an agile methodology – meaning they demonstrate functionality and get buy-in from stakeholders throughout the process. One customer even spent a month doing “pre-implementation training” to explain the solution, functionality and to survey employees.

The Results

A common “result” that many customers mention is that SAP S/4HANA allows their business users to gain direct and real-time access and visibility into dashboards, KPIs and detailed transactional data. This ability improves decision-making and speeds up approval processes. With the SAP Fiori user experience, there is hardly any “training” necessary and casual users can easily complete tasks and run reports. Speaking of reports, running SAP HANA as an in-memory database, data can be pulled at record speeds – in fact, customers site that reports that used to take 15 minutes on older ERP systems are now available within 30-40 seconds.

More Inspiration

You can see specific examples of how organizations have made the shift to a digital core and realized remarkable results. Read the stories and watch the videos in the SAP S/4HANA Customer Success Flipbook – so you can plan your SAP S/4HANA journey and discover the benefits of running a digital enterprise.

And, if you’re coming to SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 (May 16-18 in Orlando), you can hear many SAP S/4HANA customers share their stories in person. See the S/4HANA sample agenda or the S/4HANA for IT Professionals sample agenda.