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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

The question of "How to pass Background Elements (BGE) from Candidate Profile to the Employee Profile or an external HRIS" has come up frequently in my discussions with partners and customers. Based on feedback from customers who have gone live on RCM/ONB recently, I'm summarizing the various approaches to achieve the above.


To send the Background Elements such as Previous Employment and Educational Background from RCM Candidate Profile to Employee Profile or an external HRIS.

Possible Solutions

1. RCM to EP using the SM-Mapping Feature

If the customer is implementing RCM and EP, then this is one of the best approaches for the following reasons:

  • It is easy to implement. The RCM guide has detailed information on how this can be implemented.
  • The data sync is bi-directional and happens almost instantly

2. RCM to ONB to EP

  • RCM to ONB

Some customers want to send the Background Elements(BGE) to ONB first and then to EP. A possible reason for this could be that the BGE data is not complete and the candidate would like to complete the same during the Onboarding process. However, there is no standard mapping between RCM and ONB for the BGE. A possible workaround could be to include the BGE fields into the RCM application template and then map them to the ONB process. Please note that this itself want make the BGE fields part of the application template but rather it is a workaround to move the BGE data to the ONB system. Another option is to completely capture the BGE data in the ONB process itself via custom panels. However, this could mean that the candidate has to enter the data twice, once in RCM and then again during the ONB process.

  • ONB to EP

There is no standard integration between ONB and EP and hence the following steps maybe a possible workaround.

  • Capture BGE data as explained in "RCM to ONB" above
  • Build a custom export to get the BGE data out of the ONB system (ex: to an SFTP site)
  • Convert the exported data to the Employee Profile import template
  • Import the converted data into EP through the "Import Extended User Information" feature in BizX

3. RCM to external HRIS

This approach is recommended if the customer is not using Employee Profile but instead uses an external HRIS.

  • Use the available RCM APIs to export the BGE data
  • Import the exported BGE data into your target HRIS system using whatever native import option is available there

Please note that the above approaches are based on feedback I received from various sources. There could be other ways to achieve the same outcome. Let me know your own experiences w.r.t handling candidate background information during your implementations. I hope the above information is useful to you.

- Kumaran Purushothaman

[SAP SuccessFactors Regional Implementation Group]

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