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Service with Advanced Execution is a new service business process which offers advanced planning and execution capabilities. Items created in this process are called execution order items. For further insights into this, refer following blogs:

Introduction to Service with Advanced Execution

Execution order item and billable maintenance order


Billing Relevance

Billing relevance is an attribute which is available on the execution order item.

This defines what kind of billing will be performed for this item.

Billing Relevance in Execution Order Item


Billing relevance in customizing

The billing relevance can be defined in the item category Customizing for Service under Transactions> Basic Settings > Define Item Categories.

This customizing enables the defaulting of billing relevance during the creation of execution order item in a service order or service order quotation. However, this default value can be overwritten by the business user on the execution order item overview page by selecting a different value on the UI.


Editability of billing relevance

The billing relevance is changeable on the item until first actual cost / revenue posting. If business wants to override the editability of billing relevance, create a custom implementation for the following BAdI:

Interface Method FIELDCHECK


Technical details

The billing relevance of a particular execution order item can be read using the following ways:

  1. Using report program:

  • Launch the transaction code SE38.

  • Enter the program name CRM_ORDER_READ

  • Enter the execution order item details and execute.

  • Check the exporting parameter ET_BILLING

  • Find the attribute BILLING_RELEVANCE

  1. Using database table:

  • Open the database table CRMS4D_SERV_I

  • Enter the execution order item details and display the entries.

  • Find the attribute BILLING_RELEVANCE


Types of billing relevance

There are 5 possible values for the billing relevance in an execution order item:

a. Not Relevant for Billing 

The item is not relevant for billing (for example, a free-of-charge service or a service which is already covered under a contract).

b. Billing via Billing Plan After Release 

The item is billed by means of a billing plan scheduled on specific billing dates over a period. Billing plan must be defined in the service order item, and it distributes the total net value to be billed. The billing can start once the item is released.

c. Billing on Completion 

The quantity defined in the service order item is billed once it is completed. This is typically used in a fixed price billing scenario.

d. Summarized Billing 

This is used mostly in a commission or cost plus markup model.

e. Itemized Billing 

This is typically used in time and material billing where each billing line item is charged separately.


Billing Relevance Type of billing Billing run Scope for billing  Billing Document  Prerequisite status on execution order item Prerequisite status on billable maintenance order
Not Relevant for Billing
Billing on Completion Sales billing One-time Fixed price BDR / Invoice Completed Technically Completed
Billing via Billing Plan After Release Sales billing Multiple Fixed price BDR / Invoice Released Released
Summarized Billing DIP- based billing One-time Time and Material DMR / Debit Memo Completed Technically Completed
Itemized Billing DIP- based billing Multiple Time and Material DMR/ Debit Memo Released Released