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Best Practices for Business By Design/Cloud for Customer Customers

1. The Channel to contact Business By Design/Cloud for Customer support. Either from within the SAP Business By Design / C4x System (main entry channel)

Phone Hotline (1-800-CALL-1-SAP) (for emergencies).

2. Before creating an incident, users can always search for solution by themselves. You can search through all SAP Knowledge Sources namely the Help center in system, SAP Case Database, SCN Community etc.

3. For Support to do the Root cause analysis and find a solution, we might deed more information. So it always suggested to provide us the requested information a timely manner to for effective and quicker processing of the incident.

4. In situations where the systems crashes, it is recommended to create the incident from the same as the system has the capability to capture all the details of the issue and inturn helps the SAP Support Engineers to solve incidents faster.

5. When creating an incident, the will be option to assign a priority. Please select the appropriate priority in compliance with the definitions as it will help us understand the criticality of the issue to your business.

6. It is recommended to attach any attachments, screenshots, documents related while reporting an incident as its will help us analyze the issue quicker and provide a speedy solution.

7. If there are new requirements which pertain to your country version/legal authorities for example (New Tax code, Tax Rates etc) which needs to be updated in the system, then it is recommended that you support it with a legal document like the notifications/letter from the legal authorities will help us analyze and process the incidents quicker.

8. It is recommended that if the solution proposal from us the issue you reported, to confirm the solution and if the solution does not solve your issue, please reject it and send the incident back to us for further processing. This will help us to have a clear overview of all your incident open with us and know the extent to which a solution proposed solved your issue.

9. SAP Community Network (SCN) Discussion Forum is a great place which is helpful to get answers for all Non-Product-Defect Questions. And a Channel to ask or to discuss and contribute to How-to and consulting questions. This way you can learn from the published SAP knowledge and the experiences of other users and partners.

10. If you have an idea for a new feature for SAP Business by Design, then it is recommended that you register at SAP Idea Place to post your idea(s) and comment or vote for others: SAP Business by Design Idea Place: https://ideas.sap.com/SAPByDesign

By doing this you make your voice heard when it comes to adding new features to future releases of SAP Business by Design and also track your ideas and engage and connect with a            network of other customers, partners and SAP experts.

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