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We have all have them: mounds of documents detailing how to perform a procedure or task.  And we assume that the people who have to perform these tasks and procedures follow the procedures as described.

How do you know that everything was performed as stated? After all, once the equipment is back together again, the only time we know if something is not correct is when the equipment breaks down or does not perform as designed.

Yes, while it is possible to detail all the steps in a task list and have someone confirm each and every step, a lot of effort is required to support this level of detail. Do you need to specify all the steps needed to replace a seal, or just specify “replace seal”?  How detailed do you need to make your maintenance plans?

However, these procedures are there for a reason, manufactures build them to guide maintenance personnel though maintaining the equipment.  And with the skilled worker shortage upon us, this becomes very relevant. Can you ensure that your new workers have not skipped a step, Can you ensure that you sub-contractors are performing all work required as specified? Are they using the latest revision of the procedure?

With today’s mobile technology being able to deliver documents into the hands of the worker, being able to use same technology to ensure all steps are done, becomes enticing.

But, one of the main problems is how to transform all those documents into something that can guide an employee though the steps required, and at the same time give them a check list so that as each step or set of steps are done they can be checked off. On top of that there is a need to be able to branch in more detailed procedures if required based on what has just been discovered, or the need for a more detailed explanation.  How do you ensure compliance, shield workers from making mistakes, co-ordinate craftsmen engaged in the process and validate information entered at the point of service?

There is a solution,  Mobedio’s product suite.   By being able to rapidly transform all those documents and procedures into actionable, informative, and easy to use items, which can be displayed on desk top and portable devices, this solution ensures that the latest procedures are being used, data collection requirements are being met, and that workers are conforming to procedures. Being able to present only the information that is relevant to the employee means that the more experience worker will only be presented with what he or the company needs and the inexperienced work would be guide through the process in detail. The software enforces compliance, data validity and process integrity.

The bottom line: improve productivity and compliance, deliver information to those who need it, and by improving the quality of work, reduce cost and improve up-time.

For further information on the Modideo solution, please us the following link:  http://www.mobideo.com/

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