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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Here I list some common tips and notes to check MRP performance issues:

1. Start analyzing MRP performance from reading through note 204517:

    204517 - MRP: Typical causes of performance problems


    It covers most causes of MRP performance problems.  Keep in mind with the following key suggestions:

       - Do not use the processing key NEUPL and planning mode 3 in the productive operation unless necessary.
         135788 - Planning mode in material requirements planning
         78867 - MD01: Documentation on the planning mode
         206666 - MRP: Control parameters during planning


        The blog post MRP: Why shouldn’t I use planning mode 3 on a productive system? explains more why planning mode 3 should not be generally used.


      - Consider whether for materials with many dependent requirements, a dual lot size should be defined. You can create this in customizing of lot sizes (Transaction OMI4).

      - Consider using the setting "Bulk Material" indicator in the material master. The dependent requirements of bulk materials are not relevant to materials planning.  See note 483672.

        483672 - Performance and bulk material settings

      - Archive old data to reduce RESB entries eg. production orders etc.

2. Analyze old MRP job processing time by reports RMMDMONI and RMMDPERF.

    1865330 - MRP: Performance issue - useful reports

3. See if you can improve MRP performance by using parallel MRP on several servers. t-code OPP1.

    568593 - FAQ: Parallel planning run (MD01, MDBT and so on)

4. Analyze MRP performance by t-code ST14.

    382037 - Performance in MRP, analysis via EarlyWatch


    Please go to transaction ST14 and select 'Production Planning', if there is no data to be analyzed, you should run the analyze by 'Schedule job' for 'Availability Check' and 'MRP run', then check the data after the job is finished.

    Please go to Core Functions -> Availability Check -> Receipts/Issues Reservations and dependent reqs (RESB), you would see which plants aremostly affected and the materials (Click the line of Top 100).

    You can also go to 'Production Planning' -> 'MRP planning' -> 'Reservations and dependent reqs. (RESB)' to check the same. Please also check other items for MRP there. This transaction also shows how many old data in 'Time distribution of record' which you can consider to archive.

5. Improve MRP performance for classification related materials

If a class is used in a large number of materials, when the characteristic value is changed in MM02/MM01, MRP performance may be affected because planning file entries are set for materials. Note 782964 contains a modification flag (GV_NO_DISPSATZ) to prevent the 'where-used' and 'MDVM-handling' in case of a change to a characteristic value (classification) in MM02/MM01.The modification stops the setting of planning file entries when you change the characteristic value in the classification view in MM02. This leads to the side effect that MRP will not detect the relevant materials for planning and BOM explosion. A workaround would be to plan all materials regularly in MRP with planning mode 2.

Other related notes:
  23278 - MD01, MDBT: Performance during MRP run
  72647 - Perform. mat.reqs planning: Analysis questionnaire

550568 - FAQ: MRP run (MD01, MD02, MD03, MDBT,...)

New report to analyze MRP performance, please see the following blog post which introduces the comprehensive tool:

MRP performance analyzer