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What is SAP S/4HANA Cloud for enterprise contract assembly?

SAP S/4HANA Cloud for enterprise contract assembly is a cloud solution that enables you to manage the complete life cycle of templates and text blocks for different kinds of legal documents. Additionally, you can use it in integration with SAP S/4HANA for enterprise contract management. This integration enables you to create and view contracts based on the templates available in Enterprise Contract Assembly.

How can the solution help me manage templates for various kinds of legal documents that are used in my company?

Enterprise Contract Assembly contains several intuitive Fiori apps that help you to digitally maintain all your legal content.

High-level Overview

Enterprise Contract Assembly helps you to create templates for different types of legal documents, such as, amendments, master contracts, NDAs, and so on. You can choose different properties such as governing laws, languages and validity periods for various templates, as per your requirements.

After creating a template with the basic properties, next step is to create the text blocks that will be used in the template. A text block is the basic building block of any template. A text block is a passage of text with a specific meaning. Templates consist of combinations of text blocks and their variants. A text block passes through various statuses from the initial draft status until it is approved and released for using in the templates.

Once you have the template and necessary text blocks, you can add the text blocks to the template in the required order and send the template for approval. Similar to a text block, a template also goes through various statuses, from draft status until it is approved and released. Released templates are the ones that can be used to generate documents.

You can easily manage different versions of templates and text blocks.

The Enterprise Contract Assembly apps provide an easy to use user-interface, helpful UI texts, comprehensive error handling mechanism, and in-app help. This guides you through the entire process of managing templates and text blocks.

How can I use the templates that I have created, to generate contracts?

SAP S/4HANA for enterprise contract management and assembly is an integrated solution. It enables you to manage legal transactions. Within a legal transaction you can create contracts as documents, based on the templates created in Enterprise Contract Assembly.

In this solution, you can manage the complete life cycle of the contract. This includes maintaining different versions of the document, assembling the document based on latest versions of the template, refreshing the variables used in the document, and so on.

The assembled documents can be sent for e-signature. Or, the documents can be printed and sent.

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