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This blog is part of a blog series focusing on SAP S/4HANA Extensibility. It shows how the extended business process looks like. Navigate to the header blog SAP S/4HANA Cloud Extensibility -  Engraving sample scenario

Run Business Process using a Side-by-Side app

First of all a big thank you to the colleagues from the Solution Experience team for building a Side-by-Side app which allows us to show the scenario in a real life scenario.

The Side-by-Side app reads the style information from the Custom Business Object that I have created and allows me to create a new Sales Order defining the engraving, the quantity and the style.

Before I can run the process I want to create a navigation to the Side-by-Side app.

Goto app: "Custom Tile"


Press: "Save" and "Assign Catalog"

Select the business catalog and published like I did in previous steps.

After the Publishing is done you can add the tile to the Fiori Launchpad.

Check CBO Style

Goto app: “Style”

Press: “Go”

Check the available styles.


Create Sales Order from a Side-by-Side app and Check CBO Styles

Goto the Side-by-Side app.

Press: "Create Sales Order"

Create a new Sales Order by adding a line item.


  • Quantity

  • Engraving

  • Style

Press: "Create"

Check Sales Order

Goto app: “Manage Sales Orders”

Enter Sales Order ID 113172

Open the Sales Order

Open the Line item

Check the values for:

  • Font_nm

  • FontSize_nm

  • engraving_nm

Create Outbound Delivery

Goto app: Create Outbound Delivery

Search for Sales Order that has been created (113172)

Select checkbox and press “Create Delivery”

Check the log to find the delivery ID

Note down the delivery ID.

Display Outbound Deliveries

Goto app: Display Outbound Delivery

Enter Delivery ID + Press “Enter”

Navigate to item level

Check Custom Fields Section


Check Custom Analytics

Goto app: "engraving analytics"

Consume analytics

Highlights and Conclusion: 

This blog shows how the extended business process looks like in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud system. It shows how the different technical setups that have been done in the technical setup blogs come together and interact in order to support the overall business process.

The blog outlines that the In-App Extensibility tools are powerful, easy to consume and life cycle stable.


This is a subchapter of the blog SAP S/4HANA Cloud Extensibility -  Engraving sample scenario