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If your company is thinking about moving to S/4 HANA and you have questions on the roadmap to adopt, this post may help.

Based on your company situation (New installation, ERP system exists, etc...), several scenarios are possible. The following five phases are decisive for a successful roadmap:

  • Prepare users and system

Change management is crucial for an early adoption. Human & Technical aspects must be taken into account. Communication, added values presentation and prototypes should be a part of your plan.

  • Adapt custom code (Not applicable for a Greenfield scenario)

Legacy code analysis determines relevant custom code to be taken into consideration. Many existing tools ensure support on this phase and provide the code adaptability analysis to S/4 HANA .

  • Determine transition path

Greenfield, Brownfield and Landscape transformation are three scenarios possible for S/4 HANA implementation.

  • Choose deployment destination

For companies deploying cloud strategy, cloud destination may ensure an overall coherence. But, On premise and Hybrid mode are also available.

  • Choose project method

Project methods based on Agile or Waterfall or a mix of the both methodology can ensure the solution delivery. If Agile method is adopted, short development cycles can be performed to focus on continuous improvement in the development of the solution. This allows users a better control and quick insight of the target. Accelerators are also available for rapid S/4 HANA implementation.

The below matrix give a global roadmap overview


Theses phases are key success factors to deploy your system and experience new capabilities. The matrix above indicates many ticked steps according to your situation. In fact, the steps list to follow is not exhaustive, however is only providing an indicator with macro overview of actions that could be adjusted accordingly to each single case.