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In our work sphere, with many new concepts and practices gaining mainstream significance due to COVID, we often keep wondering their longevity once we are able to successfully beat the pandemic for good. And speculations circulating work at home using tools for remote Startups, are also doing their rounds, which prompted experts to conduct surveys that shed some light about its future.


Some of the most interesting forecasts about working at home are given below.


  • More faith in remote working

One of the main factors that discouraged employers from facilitating work from home is the lack of trust. Managers might not trust all their employees that they will be at their productive best while working remotely. In these situations, micromanagement does not work. But due to the global pandemic, businesses have been forced to shift to remote working to keep up with business continuity. And experts believe that this will strengthen the trust of managers in their remotely working employees. In fact, they expect that there will be greater demand for flexibility in terms of work location and timings, which in turn is going to favor employees who opt to work from home.


  • Increase in WFH employees

Around 3.6% of the U.S workforce works from home, but almost 56% is compatible with remote work. The numbers were relatively low in the past, but the post COVID era will surely see a rise in this culture. According to a survey, almost 25 to 30% of the U.S workforce will be working from home many days a week by the end of 2021.


  • Increased awareness about cost-savings

There is no denying the fact that work from home can save a lot of business costs. It can also help organizations connect with efficient employees without worrying about geographical coordinates!


If you own a startup company, hiring remote freelancers or full-time workers can be beneficial because you would not have to hire office space and furniture for your team. It can be a significant cost-saving option for you.


Again, with remote working in full swing, businesses might even consider hiring employees as a part of an independent contract, rather than traditional hiring methods. This can also save a lot of unnecessary expenses. When you choose to work with remote workers, hiring becomes much affordable and practical, especially if you are the owner of a small business.


  • Reduced absenteeism and employee leaves

The office-going employees are more likely to take sick leaves and other leaves. Hiring remote employees reduces the chances of them taking as many leaves since employees are given the option to work from home on a flexible schedule. Leaves due to childcare issues can also be solved when an employee works at home. In other words, hiring remote employees can lead to lesser absenteeism, which means that productivity would increase. Married women and mothers find the idea of working remotely very helpful since they can best balance office work without worrying about fulfilling their family obligations.


  • Improvement in rates of employee retention

It has been observed that hiring remote workers improves employee retention and reduces recruitment expenses. Replacing an employee with a new one requires a lot of money and time. You would have to train them and bring them up to speed, to attain the required productivity levels and that takes considerable time. Besides, the higher the training and experience required to do a job, the higher is the cost involved. But, using remote working services can help reduce this expense - with working from home, comes greater flexibility, which helps employees accommodate easier. This finally helps in retaining employees. Businesses can look forward to an impressive rate of employee retention, which is a significant concern for many companies worldwide.


Adapting to work from home using SAP Business One


This sudden switch over to an all-digital work mode has not been a smooth one. But businesses have adapted to the transforming demands of the world and are gearing up to embrace challenges in a better way going forward. Thankfully, there are some excellent software applications like SAP Business One that they can rely on. SAP Business One is one of the most popular software that is empowering small businesses to streamline their operations holistically and weather the ups and downs thrown by the pandemic today.


What makes SAP Business One the most chosen ERP software is its varied features that empower business owners with greater control over all-round business operations. Ideal for small companies and startups to fight back the business blues during this pandemic season, SAP Business One helps to leverage and streamline processes and derive insightful business ideas that help in quicker adaptation during times of need. If your company has already adopted SAP HANA infrastructure, you can easily integrate this application that comes with both cloud and on-premise editions.


The main benefits of using SAP Business One include:

  • Reduction in business management expenses, since this application helps streamline every process from sales and inventory to customer relationships and financials.

  • No matter which department or process of your company needs attention, you can address them all using SAP Business One. So this offers a centralized approach to decentralized remote processes.

  • Even in the face of the pandemic, when others are grappling to keep up with the new normal, you can ace this transition smoothly. SAP Business One provides key analytics insights to quickly identify areas that need immediate attention to continue with the normal flow of business functions.

  • You and your entire team can easily gain access to business information with the in-built mobile access of SAP Business One. So it facilitates overall better team coordination, even though you are located in different regions.

  • Starting from automated financial management and reporting features to customer management, sales, purchase, and inventory management, you can execute every business function using this software.


Final words

At a time when giant conglomerates are themselves struggling to smoothen processes in the all-digital workspace, it is no wonder that smaller companies will face similar struggles too. But with efficient software solutions like SAP Business One, they can look forward to benefiting from this remote working experience and embrace it extensively going forward.