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Recently we encountered 2 Errors while doing the settlement of a WBS element. We use WBS element to book costs and then settle it to AuC first and followed it up with settling it to a main asset finally.

We are in FY 2017 and our Closed Asset year is 2015 which means FY 2016 & 2017 are open years in AA.

Error 1 (First settle items from previous year in previous year Message No. AW624) :

First we encountered the below error while running the Settlement for transferring the value to the AuC.

Reason :

WBS Elements  should always be completely settled before closing of the fiscal year. Sometimes we post multiple entries to a WBS element where the net effect is zero. There are also instances when posting and subsequent reversals are done after the final settlement of the WBS. In those cases  though the WBS balance is zero, it is expected that you run a settlement before the  FY is being closed.

The unsettled line items can be seen through transaction code CJIC

Solution :

One of the solution to the above is to settle the line items but since the FY and AA years have already been closed, it’s a tedious task to go back and clear all these items.

We tried a work around by changing the Message Class from “E” to “W” by the below steps.

Execute Transaction Code OBA5

And then change the Message Type from “E” to “W”

Result :

Now System did not give any  error Message No. AW624. However, it threw some other error which is explained under Error 2.

Error 2 (Account 'Acquisition: down payments' could not be found for area 01 Message No. AU133) & FAA_POST035 :




Reason :

The  Account Assignment for Acq : Down Payment and Down Payment Clearing are missing and that is the reason of the Error. There was no down payment posting except a Down Payment request was posted to this WBS. The DP Request was later cleared but still the System expect us to maintain the below Config against the AuC Account determination.

Solution :

We maintained GL Accounts against the above fields and could able to run the Settlement successfully.

Suggested Reading : OSS Notes 425601 & 1731646


I hope this content will be helpful to the SAP community members. If you have any feedback or idea to enhance this content, feel free to add your comment or simply share it if you liked it!