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This blog is in continuation with previously written Usage decision with HUM and WM active:Part-I


On the this blog, we will understand how posting change delivery is generated once Usage decision of inspection lot containing handling units is conducted in a Handling unit managed warehouse, technically the transfer posting storage in a location which is HU+WM managed.

Lets start in a  sequence

  1. Created a process order and pack it COWBPACK. I created an order of 8 pcs, once it is packed with HU, inspection lot will be created as highlighted


2) In QA33, inspection lot containing handling units can be viewed.

3) Now, pack the order in COWBHUWE.


4) Both IM stock and WM stock can be viewed.


The WM stock above notifies that open transfer order needs to be confirmed.


5) Open TO can be viewed in LT22 and can be confirmed with LT12. I have confirmed all the 3 TOS in LT12 and i am only reproducing the combined confirmed TOS in LT22




Before, we post UD, lets change the configuration of storage type 901 disallowing direct posting of handling units. So system will putaway the handling unit in a storage type which doesn't not allow direct posting of handling units


5) Lets post the Usage decision with QA11. It can be observed that when UD is performed, delivery is getting generated.


6) Check the MM Stock in MMBE. IM stock is still in Quality inspection despite UD being performed.


7) Check the delivery being created in VL06O with the below inputs.


The relevant delivery can be found.

8) Lets check the characteristics of this delivery. The item category of delivery is HSTP(HSTP TransferPostingItem) and 321 is still not posted by QA11. The outbound delivery status is A which means 321 is not conducted


It can be observed in the delivery that picking, packing, and goods movement process have not been performed yet.



9) If you check the outbound delivery, it can be observed that Handling units have been not assigned Any idea why HUS are not copied???


Reason:- The reason is that packing in handling unit managed warehouse is conducted with Picking. It means HUS will flow to delivery when Transfer order is confirmed.


10) Lets confirm the transfer order now in LT12


11) check the WM and IM stock now. The batch stock is moved to unrestricted use stock in MM and to the respective storage BIN in WM.


12) check the delivery now, it is conspicuous that Handling unit has been assigned to delivery. 8 pcs of FG is packed into 4 HUS as per automatic packing condition record.


13) In delivery overview, all status Packing, picking, WM putaway and goods movement are updated(C,C,C,C,C)


How 321 movement is posted automatically after LT12?

the very question to readers mind would be how after LT12, TO confirmation, delivery is PGIed( Transfer posted 321)

The answer is the the below configuration done in background


Had it been not configured, you need to have manually PGI the delivery in VL02N.

Key takeaways

  • If the storage type doesn't allow direct posting of handling units, system creates a posting change change delivery at time of IM postings( UD in our case)

  • The handling units are not assigned to posting change delivery as we have observed this

  • A picking TO needs to confirmed, then only Handling units are assigned to posting change delivery

  • During the posting change of handling units from Usage decision, we can directly post the handling unit without creating a posting change delivery if the storage type that corresponds to the handling unit allows this and if the flag''Posting change'' is set in storage type. This is already shown in Part-I of blog.


Can we reverse the Inspection lot having handling units assigned?

The answer is No. Even if you implement the SAP note 175842 - Inspection lot: Reversal of goods movements from usage decision, the correction program doesn't able you to reverse goods movement for inspection lots having handling units.

Neither SAP is thinking to change this with any customer exits or Badis


The whole process ends here. I would wait for readers response if any correction is required.

In the next blog, I will write on Picking Handling units for Production and Material staging via outbound delivery to simplify the the consumption and staging process of products having large bills of materials.


Best regards

Shailesh Mishra