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The objective of the blog post is to explain the process how to upload “Multiple Output channels for Process-Integrated Output Documents" through the Customer Migration Template in SAP Business ByDesign system.

If you want to upload multiple output channels for Output Documents in the Customer Migration File, then you have to scope the question ‘Do you want to send the process-integrated output documents via multiple output channels’. This will allow you to have the flexibility to maintain multiple output channels and not limit to one specific output channel.

On selecting the multichannel output option, you can process the output documents via multiple output channels. Once you scope multi-channel for output generation, you cannot disable it.

In the configuration of the output channel selection, if you have maintained more than one channel for the same condition, all channels will be picked up in case of multichannel scenario. If multichannel option is not scoped, then priority will be given to the first channel which meets the condition.


Business Configuration>Implementation Projects> Edit Project Scope> Questions>Communication and Information Exchange> Business Process Management> Process-Integrated Input and Output Management>Scope the question, do you want to send the process-integrated output documents via multiple output channels?>Yes>Finish.


Download Customer Migration Template - Business Configuration>Implementation Project>Prepare for Data    Migration>Download Migration templates>Customers>Download.

After Downloading customer Migration Template, we should unhide the hidden tabs such as Document Output Channels and Collaboration Multichannel.

Open Customer Migration Template>Right click on Address tab>Unhide>Document Output Channel >Ok.

Open Customer Migration Template>Right click on Address tab>Unhide>Collaboration Multichannel >Ok.

The scoping question "Enabling Multichannel for Document Output" is scoped in Business Configuration. In this case, as the Multiple Channels feature is scoped, the Collaboration sheet becomes unusable, as this sheet will only allow you to upload one collaboration channel at a time. In this case, Collaboration sheet is not applicable and the Document Output Channels needs to be used instead.


Upload multiple document output channels in the customer Migration File. After filling the Customer Migration Template, you must upload the template.

Business Configuration>Implementation Projects>Open Activity List>Migration of Customers>Migrate customers using the migration tool >Upload>Execute Migration > Execute Migration Step-by-Step>Validate File>Convert Values >Simulate Import>Execute Import>Finish.

After this step, your Customer Migration template will be  successfully uploaded to your system.


I have tried to explain the topic ‘How to Upload Multiple Output Channels for Output Documents During Customer Migration’ in simple terms with exact steps so that there are no errors created in the system while trying to upload multiple output channels in the customer migration file. I hope it will be helpful for those who want to upload Multiple document Output Channels during Customer Migration.

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