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During the COVID-era many companies are faced with the need to rapidly transform their operating model to run mission critical business processes.

The teaming between Atos and Illumia, a leading Italian family business in the energy sector, who implemented SAP S/4HANA has already realized immediate cost and financial benefits, as well as a better user experience and optimized control processes.

To support its ambitions for growth and competitiveness in a complex sector such as utili ties, Illumia chose DORA (Digital Operations for Energy Retailers by Atos), a pre-integrated business suite which exploits the power of SAP S/4HANA and SAP HANA, to help achieve and accelerate the highest degree of process integration from the customer to the back-end.

The functionalities and processes made available by DORA were implemented on SAP S/4HANA for the management component, SAP C/4HANA for sales channels and customer service and SAP S/4HANA for Utilities for vertical processes. Illumia was able to start production of the new application platform in just 15 months.

With the new unique system that manages Operations, Finance and Customer Relationships in an integrated model, Illumia is ready to face future challenges, such as the introduction of new tools to support sales, the speed of execution and the possibility to easily change business logic, thanks to perfectly integrated processes.

Illumia in a recent announcement shared their perspective1:

  • "We are satisfied with the results achieved. "Technological innovation and digital transformation are the pillars of our growth project and we will continue to invest to bring our customers the added value that allows us to stand out from our competitors."
    Matteo Bernardi, CEO of Illumia

  • “We have migrated the business data of the last five years, carried out three months of training and two months of testing on the platform involving 70 internal users. This first milestone now allows us to manage all business processes in an integrated manner.”
    Claudio Carrà, Chief Technology Officer of Illumia

The Results

The project has enabled this Illumia to sustain its growth and future-proof its business. Teaming with Atos, they have their own unique, fully integrated end-to-end digital platform for managing Operations, Finance and Customer Relationships in a seamless way. The solution, called DORA, ensures lean, real-time business management, together with consistent data integration throughout this gas and electricity provider organization.

As a result, this gas and electricity provider has accelerated time to market and increased its ability to design memorable experiences for its customers.

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Customer Success Story

Atos helped Illumia to rapidly transform its operating model with Europe’s first full SAP S/4 HANA implementation. Along with the immediate financial benefits, this company has enhanced its customers’ experience while optimizing operations.



  1. “Atos enables digital transformation of Italian energy company Illumia in just 15 months”
    Paris, Milan, International SAP Conference for Utilities, April 02, 2019