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SAP is taking EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) beyond just integrating IoT and simple analytics by applying artificial intelligence and creating digital twins of assets. This improves the traditional functionality of asset management for Enterprises. SAP Intelligent Asset Management solutions was first released in November 2018. It is the digital transformation of asset management that brings intelligence to entire supply chain. The asset-centric industries can now make more informed choices using the real-time data and machine learning.

Manufacturing industries using SAP Intelligent Asset Management can be more competitive and predict future more accurately and improve efficiency of the process.

SAP Intelligent Asset Management belongs to Enterprise asset management that comprises of five cloud-based tools:

  • Asset Intelligence Network (SAP AIN)

  • Predictive Maintenance and Service (SAP PdMS)

  • Asset Strategy and Performance Management (SAP ASPM)

  • Predictive Engineering Insights (SAP PEI)

  • Asset Manager

All these tools are separate and designed to integrate with each other to provide effective and valuable features.

SAP Asset Intelligent Network

It is one of the applications included in the SAP Intelligent Asset Management. It is a cloud-based tool for exchanging information between manufacturers, operators, and technicians for maintenance within asset-intensive industries.

The main challenges faced by asset-based industries are that there is a vast variety of systems within a company and they are the non-integrated systems. A lot of human effort is required to pull the data from these systems and share it across to another plant to put it back in system with most up to date documents. There are thousands of assets in every plant including machinery, spare parts and equipment which requires a timely maintenance to ensure the working at optimum level. Unless there is a complete operating manual, charts and other require information on how to maintain the asset and it is shipped properly to the technician, it will be a hectic job. This information is usually shared in emails or documents. There is always a chance of quality getting lost through the Supply chain. The operator at the end struggles in analyzing the master data and transactional data. SAP Asset Intelligent Network can get rid of all these challenges and hassle with the secured information exchange. It focuses on the content, network, applications, and integration in one platform.

SAP Predictive maintenance Service (SAP PdMS)

It helps to optimize the usage and maintenance of assets by shifting from a historically reactive asset to a more proactive, predictable, efficient process. It helps in more efficient decision making by allowing the user understand work activity and outage information associated with an asset to better understand the potential risk. SAP PdMS is integrated with SAP Leonardo system that runs on SAP Cloud Platform which helps to connect the on-premise equipment using IoT (Internet of Things) to capture real time data.

SAP Intelligent Asset management solution in the cloud is integrated with the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) in SAP ERP on-premise system through the Asset Central integration capabilities.  Currently, integration feature supports data synchronization of critical asset information such as equipment, functional location, documents, notifications, and work orders throughout the assets’ life cycle. It allows users to access the right information about the assets and lowers the operational risks and costs.