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As we all aware of standard subcontracting process where we issue the material with movement type 541 and received the material with 101.

  • Here we will see how Subcontracting process will work with delivery.


  • Setup Subcontracting Order

  • Define Shipping Point and Assign Shipping Point to the Plant

  • Define Shipping Determination

  • Create Material Master

  • Create Business Partner (Supplier + Customer)

  • Create BOM

  • Create Purchasing Info Record

  • Maintain Production Version

  • Create Purchase Order

  • Monitoring Subcontract Stock (Create Delivery)

  • Change Outbound Delivery

Setup Subcontracting Order:

SPRO –> IMG –> Material Management –> Purchasing –> Purchase Order –> Setup Subcontracting Order

In this step we can assign Document Type LB (Delivery for Subcon) to the Supplying Plant.

We can assign Delivery Type and Supplying Plant by clicking on the new entries or by copying from the existing one.

Delivery Types:

Configuration: SPRO – IMG – Logistics Execution – Shipping – Deliveries – Define Delivery Types


Define Shipping Point:

SPRO – IMG – Enterprise Structure – Definition – Logistics Execution – Define, Copy, delete, check Shipping Point

Assign Shipping Point to Plant:

SPRO –> IMG –> Enterprise Structure –> Assignment –> Logistics Execution –> Assign Shipping Point to Plant


Shipping Determination:

SPRO – IMG – Logistics Execution – Shipping – Basic Shipping Functions – Shipping Point and Goods Receiving Point Determination

Business Partner: (Supplier + Customer)

Create the Material: MM01

Maintain the Sales data – Availability Check, Loading Group, Transportation group and Item Category group for both Finish and Raw Material.

  • If you are maintaining production Version by Routing and Work center, select the MRP views while creating the Material.

Finished Material – 13000091

Raw Material – 6000261

Bill of Material (BOM): CS01

Creating BOM for material 13000091.

Creating Purchasing Info Record: (ME11)

Purchasing info record 5300000241 9000 L 9001 created.

Create Production Version: SE38

All Production Versions Approved.

Create the Purchase order:  ME21N

 Maintain Item category as “L” and click on the Explode BOM. By checking the data click on the save button.

PO - Material created under the number 2000053.

Deliver the Stock to the Subcontracting Supplier in ME2O:

While you create the delivery by using ME2O the Delivery number will not update in the Purchase Order.

To update the Outbound Delivery in the Purchase Order we will deliver the goods to the Supplier by using the

Transaction Code: ADSUBCON

Select the Purchase Order and click on the Delivery for PO Tab as shown.

The systems will show the Pop-up tab by checking the data click on the Create delivery.

Now the Outbound Delivery Number will update in the Purchase Order.

Change Outbound Delivery (VL02N): Post Goods Issue

Enter Picked Quantity and click on Post Goods Issue or save button.

Delivery for Subcon. 80000383 has been saved.

Again, run the Transaction Code ADSUBCON (in this step we will do the Post Goods Receipt)

Select the PO line item and click on the Green arrow mark as shown.

Material Document under number 202.

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Dear Contributor,


Thank you for the nice blog post. It gives a good high-level overview of the Delivery creation process. There are few points which are misleading 'though.

The transaction code ADSUBCON is not part of the "normal" subcontracting process, it is rather designed to work together with the A&D Subcontracting feature, which is a specific industry process.

On the other hand the t-code ME2ON does not use the Purchase Order as reference BY PURPOSE >> as the stock is not directly linked to the PO. Also the overdelivery situation is explicitly allowed for the subcontractor. For more information , see the FAQ Note 458938 - FAQ: Subcontracting stock monitoring list, transaction ME2O.

Hope my comment helps you to complete the blog.



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Hi Matyas,

Thanks for sharing your Knowledge. while we create the Delivery in ME2O the Delivery Number will not Update in the Purchase Order History. To Update Delivery Number in the Purchase Order History i am done with ADSUBCON Transaction. I am to agree with you that ADSUBCON will not part of Normal Sub Contracting Process.