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As most of us are aware that there is standard SAP ESS Menu application (WD ABAP Application) available, which uses the Standard Launchpad (LPD_CUST) Role ESS and Instance MENU. There are many blogs available that give details about how to customize the Standard Launchpad Role and Menu, how you use BADI available to make Launch Pad Folders and services visible/invisible according to the employee attributes and other details about Standard WebDynpro Application HRESS_A_MENU .

In this blog I wanted to discuss all the steps you need to follow as WebDynpro consultant or HCM techno functional consultant   to create the customer specific Customized ESS Menu.

Step 1.

Create your own Launchpad Menu by copying the standard Launchpad Role and Menu.

Navigate to T-code LPD_CUST and double click Role: ESS and Instance: MENU it will bring you to below screen.

Go to Menu – ‘Launchpad’ and Select ‘Save as’, popup will come give Role name ZESS and Instance name ZMENU and provide Namespace, proving Namespace is important if you want to save your Launchpad in Transports for moving it to different systems.

Step 2: After creating/saving this Launchpad with Role name ZESS and Instance name ZMENU , you would like to deleted some of the Folders , change the name of the few of the folders and change the service links with in the folders as per the Customer requirements.

You can change the Icons of the Service folders at the folder level for this  upload it in MIME repository path SAP->PUBLIC->BC->Pictograms, and provide Alias name so that we can access the Folder with this Alias name in the BADI to make it visible/invisible.

Step 3:  As per the customer requirement you want to make service folder visible/invisible to group of employees as per employee attributes Personal area/Personal Subarea / Country Grouping etc., this can be done by implementing the BADI ‘HRESS_MENU’.

Services can be made visible/invisible by maintaining the ‘Target App. Parameter’ at the service link level. Here you can maintain Parameter like  -  COUNTRYGROUPING=40

Step 4 : After Launchpad is created next step is to create Application Configuration for WD Application HRESS_A_MENU of the WD Component FPM_OVP_COMPONENT.

Create Application Configuration configuration for Application HRESS_A_MENU.

Once configuration id is created create component Configuration ZHRESS_CC_MENU_OVP.

Within Component Configuration Main Page, Select the UIBB FPM_LAUNCPAD_UIBB and go to configure UIBB.

In the Configure UIBB Screen provide Launchpad Role as ZESS and Instance ZMENU.

That is it , next you have to tell your Portal Consultant name of the ESS WD Application and i.e. HRESS_A_MENU and application configuration ZHRESS_AC_MENU. Portal Consultant will assign it to Employee Self Service iView and this iView will then be assigned to the Employee Role.

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