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We usually apply S notes in order to upgrade the Service Pack in S/4 HANA. While doing so, there is a possibility that BW, BO and BPC reports can stop working due to an error while reading data from the infoprovider. This may occur due to the reactivation of infoproviders. This blog focuses on the issue that I had come across while doing so and the respective solution.


Main Problem:

As a BPC Technical Consultant, I experienced this problem during Service Pack Upgrade of S/4 HANA 1610 from SP03 to SP07.

I came across the error mentioned in the below screenshot, in Analysis for Office, BW and BO reports, that fetch data from a particular infoprovider. In my case, the Composite Provider and the Real-Time Cube were the victims. You can also notice that it mentions ‘Errors occurred during parallel processing of query 7, RC: 3(DBMAN-421, S4D):’.

If you try to execute the BEx query of the report in BW, it would go to the Debugger mode and stops executing the report.


I and my team were trying to trace the issue. We were able to find that the error had occurred since the Indexes (Column Views) of the Info providers were deleted during the Service Pack upgrade. In order to resolved the issue, we had carried out the following testing:

  • Report RSDDB_LOGINDEX_CREATE is used here to create index for a particular Infoprovider. In our case, we have tried with Infoprovider ZSFIN_CP01 and it had resolved the issue.


  • So, we had run the report RSDDB_INDEX_CREATE_MASS to create index for the all Infoproviders in foreground. The Report ran for approximately 60 seconds and the Indexes were regenerated for all the Infoproviders.


I have mentioned the Steps to be followed in Sequence as shown below:

To create Indexes (Column Views) for a Single Infoprovider:


  1. Go to the T-Code SE38 and enter the Program name RSDDB_LOGINDEX_CREATE and click on ‘Execute’.

  1. The following screen appears as a result.

  1. Enter the Object type by selecting the Object using Search Help. In my Case, I have selected HCPR.

  1. Similarly choose the name of the Infoprovider using Search Help and click on Execute.

  1. Now, the Indexes (Column Views) are regenerated and the Reports associated with that particular Infoprovider function properly.


To create Indexes (Column Views) for a all Infoproviders together:


  1. Go to SE38 and Enter the Program Name as ‘RSDDB_INDEX_CREATE_MASS’ and click on ‘Execute’.

2.  The following Screen appears where you can Mass Create or Mass Delete the Indexes                      (Column Views)

3. Select the necessary actions and click on Execute to perform the Actions.


By the above two methods, the issues while reading data from the Infoproviders get rectified.



So far, we have seen how we can rectify the errors that occur while reading the data of BW Info providers during Service Pack upgrade activities. I’ll try to post if I come across any similar issues while upgrading the Service pack and Solutions for the same. Also, please try to share any issues that you would have come across during upgrades.

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