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I came across an issue when customizing the filter options for an OWL and I want to share my findings with you.

I added an input field and set the property to "readOnly = true". So the input field was greyed out, but I could still press the filter button and adjust the filter options.

Filter text greyed out

Filter option still available

In my opinion this behaviour doesn't make any sense, as I don't need filter options for a read-only input field. So I was looking for a possibility to set the filter button to read-only as well and I found a property to show or hide the filter button.

Adjust property ShowSelectOption

By default the property ShowSelectOption is set to true. After setting the property to false the filter button is hidden.

Filter button hidden

I know this is a very rare use case but I hope this article can help someone with the same issue.

Please feel free to leave some feedback.