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In SAP, when making payments to a vendor through the Automatic Payment Program (APP), the system typically defaults to selecting the first bank account listed in the vendor master data. However, there are scenarios where businesses need to make payments using different bank accounts associated with the same vendor. In this blog post we will see how we can select a specific bank account from vendor master to do payment through APP.

Step 1: Maintaining Bank Details in Vendor master

In vendor master, bank details are maintained under General Data-Payment Transactions.

There is a field labelled as “Partner Bank Type” (BnkT), here specify different value for each bank account.

Vendor Master


Step 2: Maintaining BnkT field while posting vendor invoices.

While posting vendor invoices choose the appropriate “BnkT” value from the available options. Each “BnkT” corresponds to a different bank account defined in vendor master.

The choice of “BnkT” will determine which Bank account will be used for payment when using APP.

Here, we have taken an example of two invoices of the same vendor but with different BnkT value used in each invoice.

Vendor Invoice Posting


Invoice number- 9006780046 with BnkT-001

Invoice 1


Invoice number- 9006780047 with BnkT-003

Invoice 2


Step-3: APP run for the vendor

Go to T code F110 and enter the parameters. Execute the Proposal run.

Go to Display Proposal, there we can see that system will use the BnkT values associated with each invoice to determine which bank account to use for making payment.

Display Proposal


Step 4: Display of Payment list.

Go to the payment list to see the details of the respective Payment Documents.

Payment List



As a common practice in business to maintain several bank account details in a vendor master and doing payment through APP, SAP offers a solution that allows for the efficient execution of payments by utilizing the designated BnkT (bank type) value. This functionality permits organizations to streamline payment runs without the need for manual input of bank details for each transaction. As a result, this approach significantly enhances operational efficiency by optimizing the payment process and reducing the associated administrative burden.
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