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Hello all,

As companies grow bigger, the need to control purchases and expenses becomes a critic part of each Company. The substantial benefits far outweigh the time cost both in the short and long term. More than ever, in current markets,  budgeting is more important than ever to ensure the Company's financial security and to achieve financial goals. A budgeting process allows the Company to create a spending plan for its money, it ensures that you will always have enough cashfor the Company's needs. Following a budget or spending plan will also keep you out of debt or help you work your way out of debt if you are currently in debt.

What is Seidor's Budget Solution for Business ByDesign?

Our Budget Solution allows Companies to Control  Opex and Capex Budgets based on G/L accounts and cost objects. It is flexible and adaptable solution with an easy set up with configuration templates. With a intuitive design this solution assure control of expenses.

What are some key benefits from our Localization Solution?

  • Control your taxes based on your G/L Accounts

Control your expenses thru real posted and commited expenses

  • Adaptable

Configure your process on the solution as required.

  • Budget Log

Have a clear sight of how your budget is affected.

  • Budget Control

With both Opex and Capex budget control you can adapt the budget to comply with your business needs.

  • Budget Log

Every document affecting your budget will be displayed on the Budget Log which wil display the document type and amount posted, the original document ID and the budget impact it had.

  • Adaptable functionalities

As an add-on, the solution is ready to go as soon as it is deployed.

What functionalities are included?

  • Opex and Capex budget types

  • Controls expenses over purchase orders, inbound deliveries, goods and services receipts, journal entry vouchers and manual supplier invoices.

  • Fully customizable for material and services master data.

  • One time purchases set up.

  • Budget log for Controlling and Audit purposes.

  • Configuration templates.

  • Restrictive control of expenses.

  • Control purchases related to cost centers and projects.

How does it work?

Please click on this video containing a quickview on one of the functionalities included in our Budget solution:

This solution is the result of many years of experience, hardwork and constant communication with our customers. This add-on was initially suggested by a conversacion held with one of our customers, and since then it has been involved in Companies in different countries and business types. We'd love to discuss more about it. Please feel free to review the solution in the Appcenter:


And reach out to us on the information listed in the contact section. At Seidor, customer satisfaction and quality in our products are always priorities in our list, and we are sure you'll notice that in all of our add-on solutions.