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This blog intent to demo the storage type capacity check method 5.


1, Storage type Z03 activate the capacity check, check method is 5(Usage Check based on SUT).



2, Material 781 is used for the demo of this blog. See the WM1 and WM2 views.




3, Maintain the capacity data for SUT.


For warehouse number NM1, we maintain the capacity usage for SUT type E1 and IP, the value is 600 and 500.


3, The storage bin master data setting for the storage type Z03.


Now we can see that the field “Total Capacity” is mandatory now. See below data for storage bin 15-02-02.

It means that this storage bin can store material 781 the max quantity is 500 EA.



4, Execute the transaction code MIGO to do GR for material 781.The quantity is 501 EA. Observe the SAP response.


After MIGO posting, SAP switch to the transaction LT06, then we can continue to execute the put away transaction of WM level.


Click the Palletization button, we got below screen


We create TO foreground,


The storage unit type E1.


We tried to place the inventory to the storage bin 15-02-02(storage type Z03), failed.

SAP pop up error message.


Storage unit type E1 exceeds remaining capacity by 100.000


The reason is that the capacity usage of SUT E1 is 600, but the total capacity of storage bin is 500.




Note: This blog is based on SAP S4/HANA 1909 system.


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