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Source: SAP
As organizations embark on their digital transformation journey, they are often faced with questions like “How do we start?” and “Which process areas do we prioritize?”.

SAP’s Next Generation Benchmarking helps you answer these questions and more!

Why attend?

• Explore how Next Generation Benchmarking helps you to assess your process maturity based on the digital mandates of tomorrow, identify critical gaps and envision the Intelligent Enterprise.
• Assess top KPIs and best practices across the value chain as enabled by the power of digital technologies.
• Receive a personalized scorecard in real-time showcasing your digital process maturity,
KPI analysis, prioritization of best practices and comparison to peers. (source: SAP)

Source: SAP

Use tool to identify critical pain points, gaps

Source: SAP

On left, can use tool now

Launched next year - guided business case

Select solutions, processes, see how it translates to a business case

Source: SAP

What happening, why happening

Source: SAP

Best practices

Source: SAP

New tool, continuous value measurement

Source: SAP

Objectively analyze how do on business metrics

Source: SAP

New tool; built on new technology

Source: SAP

Content on tool itself

Source: SAP

includes KPI's and best practices

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Maturity model for best practices

1 - manual

2 - partial

5 - predictive processes

Link to access: https://valuemanagement.sap.com/nextgenerationbenchmarking

Source: SAP

Next steps


Q: Do the KPI's relate to the KPI catalog for business processes? go.support.sap.com/kpicatalog/

A: Relate but more business oriented

Q: We are running a single ECC instance and single client with 60 plus companies. These companies have differing levels of process maturity, how can the tool handle this situation?

A: Worked with conglomerate who ran same assessment across business units

Q: This looks like self service tool - - Is there a way for the survey respondent to save and come back and continue before submitting

A: absolutely

Recording is here