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In Today's blog, I wanted to cover a topic that businesses are concerned about during the Data Migration phase. How can they validate their data that's been migrated to their new SAP S/4HANA 1909 system?

Now, before I get to the solution. We first need to make sure that you've used the Data Migration Cockpit and the pre-delivered Data Migration Templates as the method of migration. If you used another means to migrate your data, only a portion of this blog will be relevant.

Ok, back to the solution.

While some of you veterans are like, this is simple. Use T-code SE16 and search by table.

To that I say YES! But, how do we get the technical table and field name for each value in the Data Migration Template?

I'm going to use a quote by Robin Sloan "All the secrets of the world worth knowing are hiding in plain site."

And to that point, SAP has tactfully hidden each technical table and field name in the pre-delivered data migration templates.

Locating S/4HANA Technical Table and Field names in Data Migration Templates

  1. Open the Data Migration Templates

  2. Expand Rows 4 & 5.

  3. Row 4 has the Table Name.

  4. Row 5 has the Field Name.

Now that you have identified the S/4HANA technical table and fields names. There's only one thing left to do- validate the data using transaction SE16.
               *Update: In some cases, the table name is not available in the DM Template.

Validating data in SE16

  1. Open SAP GUI

  2. Execute Transaction SE16

  3. Enter Table Name and press Enter

  4. Enter additional search criteria and press Enter or click Execute.

  5. Cross reference data in table query results with migrated data in Data Migration Template.

There you have it folks! You've just learned a quick, down and dirty way to validate your data in S/4HANA by using transaction SE16.

I hope you found this blog useful. Please make sure to comment, like and share!

Until next time...


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