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Here are the delta scope items you should expect to see coming with the SAP S/4HANA 1709 release:

Everything in this list was presented by SAP as been “SAP LABS PREVIEW”, which means, it can change until the official release date.

Many of those changes have previously been announced along with the roadmaps that you can find here: ROADMAPS

Some of those items were also announced here: First Glance at SAP S/4HANA 1709

and here: SAP S/4HANA 1709 – sneak preview

HANA 2.0

SAP S/4HANA 1709 release will be only supported on HANA 2.0. Customers on lower version of HANA must upgrade to HANA 2.0 prior to upgrading to SAP S/4HANA 1709.

Innovations per LoB


    • Central finance

      • Shared Services in Accounts Payables/Receivables

      • Central reversal and correction capabilities

      • Financial reporting scenarios


    • SAP Fiori apps(enhancements)

      • Accounts Payable/Receivable Accountant; Accounts Receivable Manager; Controller (Production Costs, Credit); Treasury Risk Manager; Asset Accountant; General Ledger Accountant; Inventory Accountant.

    • Parallel valuation: 3rd currency in Controlling and Cost of Goods Manufactured.

    • Real-Time Consolidation: Intercompany transaction elimination; Validation at Source for Consolidation.

    • Business Reporting: Cash Flow Statement; Parallel Value Flow with Enhanced multiple Valuation and Currencies.

    • Universal Journal: Subsequent implementation of document split

    • Treasury and Risk Management: Foreign Currency Hedge Management and Accounting; Integration of SD into Trade Finance

    • Cash Management: Bank relationship management including bank fee analysis; Improved Integration with Bank Communication Management and In-House Cash Clear incoming bank statements with machine learning solution (Connectivity with SAP Cloud Platform)

    • Financial Planning: Basic Sales Planning (Activity Price, Consumption)

    • Accounting: G/L document split / Financial Closing Cockpit

    • Soft close and prediction: Minimum closing time; Early insight into business trends

    • Integration: Seller-side integration with Ariba Network (invoice and discount management); Cost center (SAP SuccessFactors); Payment advice (SAP Fieldglass); SAP Ariba Pay for Credit Card Payment


    • Sales order processing

      • My sales overview page for internal sales representative

      • Track the status of your sales orders and take action

      • List incomplete sales documents

      • Manage sales inquiries

      • Schedule the output of sales documents with the new output management

    • Claims, returns, and refund management

      • Accelerated returns processing: manage customer returns and orders without charge

    • Sales master data management

      • Manage customer material information records

    • Billing and invoicing

      • Convergence of external billing data, sales orders, sales contracts, debit memo requests, and outbound deliveries into one invoice

      • Create temporary billing document drafts

    • Monitoring and analytics

      • Analyze your sales volume

      • Analyze your sales order confirmations

      • New key performance indicators for sales contracts, customer returns, outbound deliveries, and credit and debit memo requests

Hybris Billing(FI-CA)

    • SAP Fiori apps for:

      • Accounts payable/receivable managers (FI-CA) – KPIs for dunning run exceptions and returns

      • Accounts payable/receivable accountant (FI-CA)  – Manage Business Partner Line Items

      • Invoicing specialists  – Billing Plans

    • Improved support for digital payments: Customer financial integration to payment service providers via SAP Cloud Platform


Foundation Rules Framework (NW)

    • Foundation

      • Unified Business Event Handling (Integration with Situation Handling), Business Process Flow

    • Responsibility management

      • Agent determination, Integration with Situation Handling

    • Situation Handling

      • Automation process support based on machine learning and ranking capabilities

    • Rules Framework

      • Rules for SAP S4HANA -analytical rule sets

      • Rules versioning Adopt UI5 UX for operational rules

      • Extend DSM to support SAP Fiori applications

Idea -PLM

    • PLM

      • Recipe Development -Recipe Finder

      • Visual Manufacturing Planner

      • Manufacturing Change Record

    • ePPM

      • Project reporting

    • Variant Configuration

      • Classification reuse user interface component

      • Embedded Analytics leveraging configuration data

      • New Variant Configuration engine leveraging SAP HANA capabilities

Master Data Management

    • MDM = CMD + MDG

    • Master Data Governance (MDG): Provide master data in corporate quality across complete landscapes

    • Central Master Data (CMD): Master data maintenance in SAP S/4HANA (Business Partner, Product) to efficiently run business processes

      • Business Partner and Product Maintenance

      • Business Partner and Product Integration

      • Governance, Generic Functions

      • Master Data Consolidation

      • Mass Processing

      • Central Governance


    • SAP Fiori Apps

      • Limits, TM integration, Purchase Order history display, Multi accounting, Supplier category, Supplier Evaluation and Supplier Scorecard processing

      • Enhanced Supplier Invoice processing (limits, asset postings, multi accounting)

      • Enhanced Purchase Requisition processing (flexible workflow, limit, budget checks)

      • Enhanced Scheduling Agreement and Contract processing (multi-level approvals)

      • Legal Content Management

      • Simplified Service procurement for Service Entry Sheet and Service Confirmation processing

    • Functional

      • Enhancements to Professional Purchase Requisition Processing

      • Enhanced Invoice Exception Monitoring and Processing


Extended Warehouse Management

    • Warehouse Optimization

    • Advanced e-commerce capabilities

    • Delivery integration / Change Management

    • Advanced integration of quality management

    • Advanced Labor Management

    • Unplanned Returns

    • Simplify integration with Transportation Management

Transportation Management

    • Basic Shipping with Transportation Management (TM)

    • Harmonized master data and customizing

    • Integration of transportation management and extended warehouse management

    • SAP TM integrated in S/4HANA Enterprise Management

      • TM will move from supply chain execution box and will be embedded in S/4HANA to allow customers transitioning fast from the Compatibility Scope. The embedded TM will cover Basic Shipping functionalities. SAP will continue to offer a TM Suite which covers more specific scenarios and processes (and requires an extra licensing). With EWM already embedded in the release 1610, companies whose business has considerable part of business demanding for tracking and tracing of materials internally and in shipping, will be benefitted with both EWM and TM integrated in S/4HANA optimizing their shipping functions and data harmonization.

    • Embedded analytics for transportation management

EAM  – Digital Enterprise Assets

    • SAP Fiori app

      • Respond to Breakdown

      • Role-specific EAM overview pages

      • Object Pages Enhancements

    • EAM

      • Breakdown analysis

      • SAP Geographical Enablement framework, extension


    • Focus on embedded Compliance within SAP S/4HANA.

    • Legal Control (Export)

    • Embargo

    • SAP Fiori app for Classification

    • New SAP Cloud Platform based solution ‘Watch-list Screening’

Environment, Health & Safety

    • Compliance Management and Emissions Reporting

    • Site survey

    • Simplified risk assessment and interdivisional reporting

Commodity Management

    • Commodity Procurement Application on S/4HANA: Manage processes for buying commodities and commodity-dependent goods

Digital Manufacturing, Produce, and Logistics Execution

    • Monitor and solve production order issues for production supervisors

    • Manufacturing Engineering  – Engineering Cockpit and Change Management

    • SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing for Complex Assembly Industries

    • Production Operations

    • Select operation and record production progress for production operators

    • Produce

      • Transportation Management: Order Integration

      • SAP Extended Warehouse Management Delivery Integration

      • SAP Fiori: PP/DS Graphical Planning Board new features

      • SAP Fiori: PP/DS Capacity and Shift Handling

      • PPDS: CIF Simplification of Locations

      • Quality Management: Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) Inspection Planning

    • Material Management (MM) – Inventory Management

      • SAP Catch Weight Management (CWM) enablement for SAP S/4HANA


    • Focus on New System Installation.

    • Create technical foundation concerning harmonization of:

      • Service Request & Order, Confirmation

      • Interaction Center

      • Business Partner

      • Product

      • Pricing

      • Billing


Public Sector

    • SAP Fiori apps for budget specialists  – funds management

    • Business role for customer service representative  – transaction management including new SAP Fiori apps

    • Migration of special ledgers with document splitting to the universal ledger

    • Public Security Platform

Oil & Gas

    • UOM (Upstream Operations Management) product enablement

      • SAP UOM -PRA (SAP Production& Revenue  Accounting) Integration

    • Oil & Gas

      • Connected Hydrocarbon Logistics

      • Oil and gas downstream innovations

Retail / Wholesale

    • Wholesale Fashion enablement

    • Order allocation Segmentation

    • Retail Omnichannel: Integration of the central promotion pricing service into SD sales order

    • Merchandise management

      • Fully enable goods receipt (SAP Fiori).

      • Enhance material article harmonization

      • In-Store Merchandising -transfer stock app, SAP Fiori app enhancements and object pages

      • Enable two level BOM for structured articles (for displays and empties)

      • Start enabling MM-PUR SAP Fiori apps for retail

      • Support MRP areas for special processes

      • Streamlined consumer maintenance for store associate

      • Support basic Catch Weight Management processes

    • Wholesale

      • Settlement Management enhancements


    • SAP Fiori app for utilities meter reading and billing

      • Analysis of Master and Transaction data

      • Cloud for Customer Integration

Discrete Industries

    • Aerospace & Defense

      • Next-generation grouping, pegging, and distribution (GPD)

      • Automated enablement of earned value management

    • Automotive

      • Vehicle search with Enterprise Search on SAP HANA

Mill & Mining

    • Enable new Virtual Component on SAP HANA for fast entry of characteristic values in sales document

    • Textile manufacturing integration with fashion

    • Combined order integration/ scheduling and colored block planning with embedded PP/DS


    • SAP Fiori app providing an overview page for claims supervisors

    • SAP Fiori app providing first notification of loss

    • Policy Management process included in SAP S/4HANA


    • SAP Loans Management for Banking for use with SAP S/4HANA – enterprise services

Defense & Security

    • Core Capabilities


    • Product Master Hierarchy Based on Classification

    • With the Product Master app, you can view/filter the media product hierarchy, and navigate to product master details to maintain the hierarchy


    • First release of SAP Agriculture Contract Management (SAP ACM) in SAP S/4HANA



Provide completely new lifecycle management of incoming VAT invoices, as VAT is now the most important tax type in China.

Fulfill the legal requirements of Golden Audit (GA) (GB T 24589, published by CNAO)


Fulfill the legal requirements of Invoice Journal for legal reporting to tax authorities. Mandatory for Commission Trade deals


Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning


Will the many new items added to SAP S/4HANA be enough to those customers who haven't decided yet, to start their Digital Tranformation?