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How to make use of the SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Message Dashboard.

In the good old SAP on prem variant we would normally check our (iDoc) messages in WE05. In the Cloud variant there is different solution: the Message Dashboard Tile.  In this Blog I will show you how to be able to see the (error) Tile and how to check the error messages.

Prerequisite:  You have access to a S/4 HANA Starter -or Test system


Not seeing your Message Dashboard Tile?

Here is how to fix it!


Step 1)  Check if you have the correct role.

Make sure you have the correct role to view the Message Monitoring.

You need to following role: BR_CONF_EXPERT_BUS_NET_INT

You can assign the role in Fiori Tile "Maintain Business User"

Tip: If you cannot find the role, you can add it in "Maintain Business Roles"

Go To " NEW " and fill in BR_CONF_EXPERT_BUS_NET_INT

Now you should be able to see the Message Dashboard Tile:


Step 2) Assign Recipients to users

Go to Assign Recipients to users and Add a user by clicking on the ("+").

Enter your name or ID and click on the Assign button.

Choose your Area (Namepace) and your Scenario (Recipient name) and the level of monitoring you wish (Message Type).  In my example I am interested in the 3PL flows Shipping Advice Inbound and Outbound:


Step 3) Create a Test and check the Monitoring.

You can see the 'Namespaces/Interfaces' which you created in the previous step.

In my example I have triggered an outbound Shipping Advice which ran into error.

By clicking on the error you are taken to  a more detailed screen and you can see the detailed logs.

A general error (message number) is "110", Execution failed. Another one is "091" which is a Proxy error.

The good thing is that you can reprocess messages from here, after you have solved the issue.


My thoughts:

All in all the Message Dashboard is a simplified convenient tool to check if your Messages processed correctly or ran into error, however, the errors that are thrown are not always too clear. It is nice that you can reprocess messages from this point and you can create narrow searches.

Tip: When creating the Shipment output I received an error about the missing of the 'Distribution Model, the good old BD64).  This is a somewhat misleading error. The solution is to properly set up the "Communication Arrangement".


Have fun,

regards, Alice