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Hello Community! This blog is about how to configure your SAP ERP On Premisse for integration with SAP Concur Solutions. I will show you how to configure the SAP Concur Addon with SAP Concur (step-by-step). This is the second task for working with SAP Concur. After installing the Concur Addon, you need to integrate your SAP ERP with SAP Concur. As a premise, you need to have all Concur credentials and keys (customer credentials).

Main part

Below the step by step to configure the SAP ERP integration with SAP Concur:

1. Acess the CTE_SETUP transaction

2. Create the Connection

Path: CTE_SETUP -> System -> Create Connection


3. Setting Up the System Connection

Important: In this task, you need to place the integration information. The Concur Host (depends on the region), the port, SSL, Proxy and so on. There are two ways to do it: Direct Integration and Middleware Integration. This information and which type of integration to choose should be discussed with the network management team.


4. Enter Secret and Consumer Key

Important: The SAP Concur team sends the customer's secrets and key to the customer ( Company )


5. Assign Acess Token

Important: The SAP Concur team sends the User and Password to the customer ( Company )


6. Client Credentials

Important: The SAP Concur team sends the Client ID, Client Secret and Company UUID to the customer ( Company )


7.  Complete Summary

Now, only complete the Integration Configuration


8. Check the Connection

Path: CTE_SETUP -> System -> Check Connection



The steps are theoretically easy, but it is very important that you have all the necessary information in hand, including alignment with the network management team. After the connection with SAP Concur is established, the next steps will be the settings for Exporting Cost Objects and Importing Accounting Documents. Have a nice work!