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Lot of time it happens that document posted in ECC is correct but when it is replicated to SAP S/4HANA Central Finance system the document properties are not up to mark or are wrong and that document is not fit and needs to be either changed or deleted & re-replicated and this may happen due to the fact that when data is replicated there are several factor in the mid-way which influence the document posting in Central system like mappings, enhancements etc.

Document posting may be wrong due to:

  • Wrong mapping – Key, value & cost object mapping

  • Any logic placed in terms of customization

  • Wrong logics in BAdis.

SAP provides functionality called – Central Reversal & Reposting in which system will allow the reversal and reposting of erroneous documents in the Central Finance system. The reversal is realized as an inverse posting (technically) based on the data which was sent to the accounting interface when the original transaction was posted.

To correct the error document you can either go to

Program - RFINS_CFIN_REVERSAL_REPOST or you can simply run this

Transaction – FINS_CFIN_CREV

Security team - ensure you maintain this transaction is emergency role only and the user has the authorization to read and post documents for the company code(s), ledger group(s) and document type(s) of the selected documents.

When program is executed, the system displays all documents replicated by Central Finance that match the entries made in the selection screen. User can only reverse documents for which an AIF message exists. These documents are generally highlighted on the output screen. If users run the report with the option Reverse and Repost, the output screen provides an Execution button and the you can then select the documents that you want to reprocess.

It is also possible to run the report as a background job. In this case the system directly executes the reversal and repost for all documents that match your selection criteria.

Also this functionality have some restrictions:

  • All Document Change transactions, which were successfully processed after the initial posting of the document but before the execution of the correction, are not applied to the reversing document being created by inverse posting. This can result in a discrepancy of changed attributes between the reversed and the reversing document.

  • Document changes performed in the Central Finance system cannot be applied to the reposted document automatically and must be performed manually.

  • Payment requests, down payment requests, down payments, and down payment clearings are not supported by the Central Reversal with Reposting function.

  • Deferred tax and documents involved in deferred tax processes are not supported by the Central Reversal with Reposting function.

All we discussed is for financial Accounting documents

Central Reversal with reposting the Controlling documents is also available via


Since in CO documents we don’t need clearing functionality so it is more easy to use and also since CO uses SLT for replication.

This tool is used to reverse a CO document in the Central Finance system. The document must be replicated from the source system through the Central Finance interface. If the document is already reversed or is a reversal document itself, it will not be reversed by this tool.

After the document is successfully reversed, the system will automatically carry out replication again for the document, based on source data stored in AIF. The result of the reversal will be displayed after the execution of this tool, while the result of the replication should be checked separately in AIF. If the user enters a document that has already been reversed by this tool, reversal will not happen for this document but the system will still replicate the document again through AIF. A reversal document will not get replicated again.


Hope it will help you to correct the wrongly posted document.


Happy reading..
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