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Name     Description

AAC1    Asset Classes - Depreciation Areas - History

AACP    Periods Category-Log

AACS    Asset Classes - History

AACT    G/L Account - History

AAD1    Administration Extension-Log

AADM    Administration - Log

AADT    Fixed Assets Account Determination - History

ABAT    Attribute - History

ABFC    Bin Field Configuration - History

ABIN    Bin Location - History

ABO1    External Bank Operation Code - Rows - Log

ABOC    External Bank Operation Code - Log

ABOE    Bill of Exchange for Payment - History

ABP1    Business Place Tax IDs

ABP2    Branch Tributary Info. Log

ABPL    Business Place

ABSL    Warehouse Sublevel - History

ABT1    Internal Bank Operation Codes - Accounts - Log

ABTC    Internal Bank Operation Codes -  Log

ABTN    Batch Numbers Master Data

ABTW    Batch Attributes in Location

ACD1    Credit Memo - Rows

ACD2    Credit Memo - Area Journal Transactions

ACD3    Credit Memo - Item Areas

ACFP    CFOP for Nota Fiscal

ACH1    Checks for Payment - Rows - History

ACHO    Checks for Payment - History

ACP1    Campaign - BPs

ACP2    Campaign - Items

ACP3    Campaign - Partners

ACPN    Campaign

ACPR    Contact Persons - History

ACQ1    Capitalization - Rows

ACQ2    Capitalization - Area Journal Transactions

ACQ3    Capitalization - Item Areas

ACR1    Business Partner Addresses - History

ACR2    Bussiness Partners - Payment Methods-History

ACR3    Business Partner Control Accounts - History

ACR4    Allowed WTax Codes for BP - History

ACR5    BP Payment Dates

ACR7    Fiscal IDs for BP Master Data

ACRB    Business Partner Bank Accounts - History

ACRC    Credit Cards

ACRD    Business Partners - History

ACS1    Asset Classes - Depreciation Areas

ADG1    Discount Groups Rows

ADM1    Administration Extension

ADM2    Administration Electronic Report

ADMC    GL Account Determination - Criteria - History

ADNF    DNF Code

ADO1    A/R Invoice (Rows) - History

ADO10    A/R Invoice - Row Structure - History

ADO11    A/R Inv (Drawn Dpm Det) - Hist

ADO12    A/R Invoice - Tax Extension - History

ADO13    A/R Invoice Rows - Distributed Expenses

ADO14    Invoice - Assembly - Rows - History

ADO15    A/R Inv (Drawn Dpm Applied) - Hist

ADO16    Draft - SnB properties

ADO17    A/R Invoice - Import Process - History

ADO18    A/R Invoice - Export Process - History

ADO19    Bin Allocation Data - History

ADO2    A/R Invoice - Freight - Rows

ADO20    Intrastat Expenses

ADO3    A/R Invoice - Freight - History

ADO4    Documents - Tax - History

ADO5    Withholding Tax - History

ADO6    Documents History - Installments

ADO7    Delivery Packages - History

ADO8    Items in Package - History

ADO9    A/R Invoice (Rows) - History

ADOC    Invoice - History

ADPA    Fixed Asset Depreciation Areas - History

ADS1    House Bank Accounts

ADT1    Depreciation Types - Rows - History

ADTP    Fixed Assets Depreciation Types - History

AEC1    Parameters for Various Types of Electronic Communication

AEC2    Messages Processed via Electronic Communication

AEC3    Statuses and Logs for Actions in Electronic Communication

AECM    Electronic Communication Types or Protocols

AEDG    Discount Groups

AEXD    Freight Setup

AFA1    Asset Document - Rows

AFA2    Asset Document - Area Journal Transactions

AFAD    Asset Document - History

AFM1    Tax Formula Parameter Declaration

AFML    Tax Formula Master Table

AFPR    Posting Period-Log

AGAR    G/L Account Advanced Rules - History

AHE1    Absence Information

AHE2    Education

AHE3    Employee Reviews

AHE4    Previous Employment

AHE6    Employee Roles

AHE7    Savings Payments

AHEM    Employees

AIGW    Item Group - Warehouse - History

AIN1    Inventory Counting - Rows

AIN2    Inventory Counting - UoM

AIN3    Inventory Count - SnB

AINC    Inventory Stock Counting

AINS    Customer Equipment Card - History

AIQI    Inventory Initial Quantity

AIQR    Inventory Stock Posting (Reconcile)

AIT1    Item - Prices - History

AIT11    Asset Item Period Control

AIT13    Asset Attributes

AIT2    Items - Multiple Preferred Vendors - History

AIT3    Items - Localization Fields - History

AIT5    Asset Item Projects - History

AIT6    Asset Item Distribution Rules

AIT7    Asset Item Depreciation Params - History

AIT8    Asset Item Balances - History

AIT9    Item - UoM Prices

AITB    Item Groups - History

AITM    Items - History

AITT    Product Tree - History

AITW    Items - Warehouse - History

AJD1    Journal Entry - History - Rows

AJD2    Withholding Tax - History

AJDT    Journal Entry - History

AKL1    Pick List - Rows - History

AKL2    Pick List for SnB and Bin Details

ALR2    Dynamic message data row

ALR3    Dynamic message data cells

AMD1    Amout Differences Report Lines

AMDR    Manual Distribution Rule

AMDR1    Manual Distribution Rule - Rows

AMGP    Material Group

AMR1    Inventory Revaluation - History - Rows

AMR2    Inventory Revaluation FIFO Rows (Archive)

AMR3    Inventory Revaluation SNB

AMRV    Inventory Revaluation - History

ANCM    NCM Code

AOA1    Blanket Agreement - Rows

AOA2    Blanket Agreement - Details

AOA3    Item Details: Activity

AOA4    Blanket Agreement - Recurring Transactions

AOAT    Blanket Agreement

AOC1    Distribution Rule - Rows

AOCR    Distribution Rule

AOPR    Sales Opportunity

APJ1    Project Plan Steps

APJ2    Project Plan Steps Time Record

APJT    Project Plan

APKL    Pick List - History

APLN    Price Lists

APRC    Cost Center

APRJ    Project Codes

AQI1    Inventory Initial Qty Rows

AQI2    Inventory Count - SnB

AQR1    Inventory Stock Posting (Reconcile) Lines

AQR2    Inventory Counting - UoM

AQR3    Inventory Count - SnB

ARC1    Incoming Payment - Checks - History

ARC2    Incoming Payment - Invoices - History

ARC3    Credit Vouchers History

ARC4    Incoming Payment - Account List - History

ARC5    Reciept log  vat adjustment-History

ARC6    Incoming Payments - WTax Rows - History

ARC7    Incoming Payments - Tax Amount per Document - History

ARC8    Incoming Payment - TDS Entries - History

ARCT    Incoming Payment - History

ARI1    Add-On

ASC1    Service Call Solutions - History

ASC2    Service Call Inventory Expenses - History

ASC3    Service Call Travel/Labor Expenses - History

ASC4    Service Call Travel/Labor Expenses - History

ASC5    Service Call Activities - History

ASCL    History

ASGP    Service Group for Brazil

ASP1    Special Prices - Data Areas

ASP2    SpecialPrices - Quantity Areas

ASPP    Special Prices

ASRN    Serial Numbers Master Data

AST1    Sales Tax Codes - Rows

ASTC    Sales Tax Codes

ASTT    Sales Tax Authorities Type

ATC1    Attachments - Rows

ATHL    Thresholds

ATSC    CST Code for Nota Fiscal

ATT1    Bill of Materials - Component Items - History

ATX1    Tax Invoice - History - Rows

ATX2    Tax Invoice Operation Codes

ATXI    Tax Invoice - History

AUG1    UoM Group Detail

AUGP    UoM Group

AUOM    UoM Master Data

AUSR    Archive Users - History

AVT1    Tax Definition

AVTG    Tax Definition

AWEX    Workflow Engine Execution Entity

AWFQ    SWFQ History Table

AWH1    Tax Definition

AWH2    WTax Definition - Rows2

AWH3    Value Range

AWHS    Warehouses - History

AWHT    Withholding Tax

AWL1    Potential Processor of Tasks

AWL2    Input data for tasks

AWL3    Task Notes

AWL4    Task Output Data

AWL5    Task Field Mapping Information

AWLS    Workflow - Task Details

AWMG    Workflow Manager

AWO1    Production Order (Rows) - History

AWO2    Production Order - Base

AWOR    Production Order - History

AWTS    Workflow Engine Task Table

BGT1    Budget - Rows

BGT2    Budget - Cost Accounting

BGT3    Budget - Cost Accounting Rows

BNK1    Bank Statement - Documents List

BNK2    Bank Statement - Recommendation List

BOC1    External Bank Operation Code - Rows

BOE1    Bill of Exchange for Payment - Rows

BOT1    Bill of Exchange Transactions

BOX1    Box Definition - Rows

BOX2    Box Definition - Accounts

BOX3    Box Definition - Choice

BOX4    Box Definition - Contra Accounts of Accounts

BPL1    Branch I.E. Numbers

BPL2    Branch Tributary Info.

BTC1    Internal Bank Operation Codes - Accounts

BTF1    Journal Voucher  - Rows

BTF2    Journal Voucher Withholding Tax - History

CASE    Internal Recon. Upgrade 2007A

CASE1    Internal Recon. Upgrade 2007A

CCAL    Chinese Chart of Account Level Definition

CCFG    Company Configuration

CCPD    Period-End Closing

CCS1    Cycle Count Determination- Subtable

CDC1    Cash Discount - Rows

CDIC    Dictionary

CFH1    Cash Flow Statement Report - History - Rows

CFUS    Functionality Usage Statistics

CHD1    Checks for Payment Drafts - Rows

CHO1    Checks for Payment - Rows

CHO2    Checks for Payment - Print Status

CIF1    Country Specific Information

CIN1    Correction Invoice - Rows

CIN10    Correction Invoice - Row Structure

CIN12    Correction Invoice - Tax Extension

CIN13    Correction Invoice Rows - Distributed Expenses

CIN17    Correction Invoice - Bin Allocation Data

CIN18    Correction Invoice - Export Process

CIN19    Correction Invoice - Bin Allocation Data

CIN2    A/R Correction Invoice - Freight - Rows

CIN20    Intrastat Expenses

CIN3    A/R Correction Invoice - Freight

CIN4    Correction Invoice - Tax Amount per Document

CIN5    A\R Correction Invoice - Withholding Tax

CIN6    Correction Invoice - Installments

CIN7    Delivery Packages - Correction Invoice

CIN8    Items in Package - Correction Invoice

CIN9    Correction Invoice - Drawn Dpm

CPI1    A/P Correction Invoice - Rows

CPI10    A/P Correction Invoice - Row Structure

CPI12    A/P Correction Invoice - Tax Extension

CPI13    A/P Correction Invoice Rows - Distributed Expenses

CPI14    A/P Correction Invoice - Assembly - Rows

CPI15    A/P Corr Inv - Drawn Dpm Appld

CPI16    A/P Corr. Inv - SnB properties

CPI17    A/P Correction Invoice - Import Process

CPI18    A/P Correction Invoice - Export Process

CPI19    A/P Correction Invoice - Bin Allocation Data

CPI2    A/P Correction Invoice - Freight - Rows

CPI20    Intrastat Expenses

CPI3    A/P Correction Invoice - Freight

CPI4    A/P Correction Invoice - Tax Amount per Document

CPI5    Withholding Tax Data

CPI6    Documents History - Installments

CPI7    A/P Correction Invoice - Delivery Packages

CPI8    A/P Correction Invoice - Items in Package

CPI9    A/P Corr. Invoice - Drawn Dpm

CPL1    Quick Copy - Instance Log

CPN1    Campaign - BPs

CPN2    Campaign - Items

CPN3    Campaign - Partners

CPT1    Cockpit Subtable

CPV1    A/P Correction Invoice Reversal - Rows

CPV10    A/P CrIn Rev - Row Structure

CPV12    A/P Correction Invoice Reversal - Tax Extension

CPV13    A/P Correction Invoice Reversal Rows - Distributed Expenses

CPV14    A/P Correction Invoice Reversal - Assembly - Rows

CPV15    A/P CrIn Rev - Drawn Dpm Appld

CPV16    A/P Correction Invoice Reversal - SnB properties

CPV17    A/P Correction Invoice Reversal - Import Process

CPV18    A/P Correction Invoice Reversal - Export Process

CPV19    A/P Correction Invoice Reversal - Bin Allocation Data

CPV2    A/P Correction Invoice Reversal - Freight - Rows

CPV20    Intrastat Expenses

CPV3    A/P Correction Invoice Reversal - Freight

CPV4    A/P Correction Invoice Reversal - Tax Amt per Doc.

CPV5    A/P Correction Invoice Reversal - WTax

CPV6    A/P Correction Invoice Reversal - Installments

CPV7    A/P Corr Inv Rvsl - Deliv Pkgs

CPV8    A/P Correction Invoice Reversal - Items in Package

CPV9    A/P Corr Inv Rvrsl - Drawn Dpm

CRD1    Business Partners - Addresses

CRD2    Bussiness Partners - Payment Methods

CRD3    BP Control Account

CRD4    Allowed WTax Codes for BP

CRD5    BP Payment Dates

CRD6    BP's Payer Name

CRD7    Fiscal IDs for BP Master Data

CRD8    BP Branch Assignment

CRD9    OCRD Extension

CSI1    A/R Correction Invoice - Rows

CSI10    A/R Correction Invoice - Row Structure

CSI12    A/R Correction Invoice - Tax Extension

CSI13    A/R Correction Invoice Rows - Distributed Expenses

CSI14    A/R Correction Invoice - Assembly - Rows

CSI15    A/R Corr Inv - Drawn Dpm Appld

CSI16    A/R Corr. Inv. - SnB properties

CSI17    A/R Correction Invoice - Import Process

CSI18    A/R Correction Invoice - Export Process

CSI19    A/R Correction Invoice - Bin Allocation Data

CSI2    A/R Corr Inv - Freight - Rows

CSI20    Intrastat Expenses

CSI3    A/R Correction Invoice - Freight

CSI4    A/R Correction Invoice - Tax Amount Per Document

CSI5    A/R Correction Invoice - Withholding Tax

CSI6    A/R Corr. Inv. - Installments

CSI7    A/R Corr. Inv. Deliv. Pkgs

CSI8    A/R Corr. Inv. - Items in Pkg

CSI9    A/R Corr. Inv. - Drawn Dpm

CSN1    Certificate Series - Series

CSPI    Solution Packager Information

CSTN    Workstation ID

CSV1    A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - Rows

CSV10    A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - Row Structure

CSV12    A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - Tax Extension

CSV13    A/R Correction Invoice Reversal Rows - Distributed Expenses

CSV14    A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - Assembly - Rows

CSV15    A/R CrIn Rev - Drawn Dpm Appld

CSV16    A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - SnB properties

CSV17    A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - Bin Allocation Data

CSV18    A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - Export Process

CSV19    A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - Bin Allocation Data

CSV2    A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - Freight - Rows

CSV20    Intrastat Expenses

CSV3    A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - Freight

CSV4    A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - Tax Amount Per Document

CSV5    A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - WTax

CSV6    A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - Installments

CSV7    A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - Delivery Packages

CSV8    A/R Correction Invoice Reversal - Items in Package

CSV9    A/R CrIn Rev - Drawn Dpm

CTG1    Installment Layout

CTNS    Transaction Notification Setting

CTR1    Service Contract - Items

CTR2    Service Contract - Recurring Transactions

CUL1    Customer Usage Statistics Log

CUMF    Folder

CUMI    My Menu Items

DAB1    Dashboard Queries

DADB    Data Archive DSA Balance

DAR1    Data Archive - Transaction Log

DAR2    Data Archive - Transaction Log

DAR3    Data Archive - Handwritten Documents

DATB    Data Archive Tax Balance

DBADM    Read-Only DB User

DDT1    Withholding Tax Deduction Hierarchy - Rows

DGP1    Customer List

DGP2    Expanded Selection Criteria

DGP3    Expanded Consolidation Options

DGP4    Business Place List

DGP5    Sort By List

DLN1    Delivery - Rows

DLN10    Delivery - Row Structure

DLN12    Delivery - Tax Extension

DLN13    Delivery Rows - Distributed Expenses

DLN14    Delivery Notes - Assembly - Rows

DLN15    Delivery - Drawn Dpm Applied

DLN16    Delivery - SnB properties

DLN17    Delivery - Import Process

DLN18    Delivery - Export Process

DLN19    Delivery - Bin Allocation Data

DLN2    Delivery Notes - Freight - Rows

DLN20    Intrastat Expenses

DLN3    Delivery Notes - Freight

DLN4    Delivery - Tax Amount per Document

DLN5    Delivery - Withholding Tax

DLN6    Delivery - Installments

DLN7    Delivery Packages

DLN8    Items in Package - Delivery

DLN9    Delivery - Drawn Dpm

DMW1    Query List

DOC20    Intrastat Expenses

DPI1    A/R Down Payment - Rows

DPI10    A/R Down Payment - Row Structure

DPI11    A/R DP - Drawn Dpm Detail

DPI12    Down Payment In - Tax Extension

DPI13    A/R Down Payment Rows - Distributed Expenses

DPI14    A/R Down Payment - Assembly - Rows

DPI15    A/R DP - Drawn Dpm Applied

DPI16    A/R Down Payment - SnB properties

DPI17    A/R Down Payment - Import Process

DPI18    A/R Down Payment - Export Process

DPI19    A/R Down Payment - Bin Allocation Data

DPI2    A/R Down Payment - Freight - Rows

DPI20    Intrastat Expenses

DPI3    A/R Down Payment - Freight

DPI4    A/R Down Payment - Tax Amount per Document

DPI5    A/R Down Payment - Withholding Tax

DPI6    A/R Down Payment - Installments

DPI7    Delivery Packages - A/R Down Pymt

DPI8    Items in Package - A/R Down Pmt.

DPI9    Down Payment Incoming - Drawn Dpm

DPO1    A/P Down Payment - Rows

DPO10    A/P Down Payment - Row Structure

DPO12    Down Payment - Tax Extension

DPO13    A/P Down Payment Rows - Distributed Expenses

DPO14    A/P Down Payment - Assembly - Rows

DPO15    A/P DP - Drawn Dpm Applied

DPO16    A/P Down Payment - SnB properties

DPO17    A/P Down Payment - Import Process

DPO18    A/P Down Payment - Export Process

DPO19    A/P Down Payment - Bin Allocation Data

DPO2    A/P Down Payment - Freight - Rows

DPO20    Intrastat Expenses

DPO3    A/P Down Payment - Freight

DPO4    A/P Down Payment - Tax Amount per Document

DPO5    A/P Down Payment - Withholding Tax

DPO6    Down Payment Out - Installments

DPO7    Delivery Packages - A/P Down Pymt

DPO8    Items in Package - A/P Down Pmt.

DPO9    Down Payment Outgoing - Drawn Dpm

DPS1    Deposit - Rows

DRF1    Draft - Rows

DRF10    Draft - Row Structure

DRF12    Draft - Tax Extension

DRF13    Draft Rows - Distributed Expenses

DRF14    Draft - Assembly - Rows

DRF15    Draft - Drawn Dpm Applied

DRF16    Draft - SnB - Rows

DRF17    Draft - Import Process

DRF18    Draft - Export Process

DRF19    Draft - Bin Allocation Data

DRF2    Draft - Freight - Rows

DRF20    Intrastat Expenses

DRF3    Draft - Freight

DRF4    Draft Documents - Tax

DRF5    Draft Documents - Withholding Tax

DRF6    Document Drafts - Installments

DRF7    Delivery Packages - Drafts

DRF8    Items in Package - Draft

DRF9    Document Draft - Drawn Dpm

DRN1    Depreciation Run - Posting

DRN2    Depreciation Run - Posting - Asset

DSC1    House Bank Accounts

DTP1    Depreciation Types - Rows

DUT1    Dunning Term Array1

DWZ1    Dunning Wizard Array1 - BP Filter

DWZ2    Dunning Wizard Array 2-Invoice Filter

DWZ3    Dunning Wizard Array 3 - Recommended Service Invoice

ECM1    Parameters for Various Types of Electronic Communication

ECM2    Messages Processed via Electronic Communication

ECM3    Statuses and Logs for Actions in Electronic Communication

EDG1    Discount Groups Rows

EJB1    ERV-JAb Wizard Signing Persons

EJB2    Docs List for ERV-JAb Wizard

EJD1    ERV-JAb Signing Persons List

EOY1    End of Year UDOs

ERX1    Excise Registering Number-Rows

FAA1    Asset Attributes - Rows

FAC1    Fixed Asset Parameter Change - Rows

FAC2    Fixed Asset Parameter Change - Period Control Change

FAM1    Fixed Asset Data Migration - Rows

FAR1    Fixed Asset Revaluation - Rows

FCT1    Sales Forecast - Rows

FIX1    Fixed Asset Transaction - Rows

FLT1    856 Report - Selection Criteria

FML1    Tax Formula Parameter Declaration

FRC1    Extend Cat. f. Financial Rep.

FTR1    Transfer - Rows

FTR2    Transfer - Area Journal Transactions

FTR3    Transfer - Item Areas

GBI1    GBI Row 1 - Electronic Account Book

GBI10    GBI Row 10 - Enterprise's Cash Flow Statement

GBI11    GBI Row 11 - Devalue Provision of Enterprise Assets

GBI12    GBI Row 12 - Shareholder's Rights and Interests Changing Report

GBI13    GBI Row 13 - Enterprise's Profit Distribution Report

GBI14    GBI Row 14 - Small Enterprise's Cash Flow Statement

GBI15    GBI Row 15 - Enterprise's VAT Payable Detail Report

GBI16    GBI Row 16 - Employees

GBI2    GBI Row 2 - G/L Account Master Records

GBI3    GBI Row 3 - Departments

GBI4    GBI Row 4 - Business Partners

GBI5    GBI Row 5 - Projects

GBI6    GBI Row 6 - G/L Account Balance

GBI7    GBI Row 7 - Accounting Vouchers

GBI8    GBI Row 8 - Enterprise's Balance Sheet

GBI9    GBI Row 9 - Enterprise's Profit and Loss Statement

GFL1    Grid Filter Rules

GFL2    Grid Filter Name

GPA1    Gross Profit Adjustment - Log

GPA2    Gross Profit Adjustments - Parameters

GTI1    GTS Invoice Details

GTM1    GTS Mapping Object Details

HEM1    Absence Information

HEM2    Education

HEM3    Employee Reviews

HEM4    Previous Employment

HEM5    Employee Data Ownership Authorization

HEM6    Employee Roles

HEM7    Savings Payments

HET1    Employee Transfer Details

HLD1    Holiday Dates

HMM1    Child Table of OHMM

HMM2    Child Table of OHHM

HTM1    Team Members

IBT1    Batch Number Transactions

ICD1    Inventory Counting Draft - Rows

ICD2    Inventory Counting Draft - UoM

ICD3    Inventory Count Draft - SnB

IEI1    Incoming Excise Invoice - Rows

IEI10    Incoming Excise Invoice - Row Structure

IEI11    IEI - Drawn Dpm Detail

IEI12    Incoming Excise Invoice - Tax Extension

IEI13    Incoming Excise Invoice Rows - Distributed Expenses

IEI14    Incoming Excise Invoice - Assembly - Rows

IEI15    IEI - Drawn Dpm Applied

IEI16    Incoming Excise Invoice - SnB properties

IEI17    Incoming Excise Invoice - Import Process

IEI18    Incoming Excise Invoice - Export Process

IEI19    Incoming Excise Invoice - Bin Allocation Data

IEI2    Incoming Excise Invoice - Freight - History - Rows

IEI20    Intrastat Expenses

IEI3    IEI - Freight

IEI4    Incoming Excise Invoice - Tax Amount per Document

IEI5    Incoming Excise Invoice - Withholding Tax

IEI6    IEI - Installments

IEI7    Delivery Packages - Incoming Excise Invoice

IEI8    Incoming Excise Invoice - Items in Package

IEI9    IEI - Drawn Dpm

IGE1    Goods Issue - Rows

IGE10    Goods Issue - Row Structure

IGE12    Goods Issue - Tax Extension

IGE13    Goods Issue Rows - Distributed Expenses

IGE14    Goods Issue - Assembly - Rows

IGE15    Gds Issue - Drawn Dpm Applied

IGE16    Goods Issue - SnB properties

IGE17    Goods Issue - Import Process

IGE18    Goods Issue - Export Process

IGE19    Goods Issue - Bin Allocation Data

IGE2    Goods Issue - Freight - Rows

IGE20    Intrastat Expenses

IGE3    Goods Issue - Freight

IGE4    Goods Issue - Tax Amount per Document

IGE5    Goods Issue - Withholding Tax

IGE6    Goods Issue - Installments

IGE7    Delivery Packages - Goods Issue

IGE8    Items in Package - Goods Issue

IGE9    Goods Issue - Drawn Dpm

IGN1    Goods Receipt - Rows

IGN10    Goods Receipt - Row Structure

IGN12    Goods Receipt - Tax Extension

IGN13    Goods Receipt Rows - Distributed Expenses

IGN14    Goods Receipt - Assembly - Rows

IGN15    Gds Rcpt - Drawn Dpm Applied

IGN16    Goods Receipt - SnB properties

IGN17    Goods Receipt - Import Process

IGN18    Goods Receipt - Export Process

IGN19    Goods Receipt - Bin Allocation Data

IGN2    Goods Receipt - Freight - Rows

IGN20    Intrastat Expenses

IGN3    Goods Receipt - Freight

IGN4    Goods Receipt - Tax Amount per Document

IGN5    Goods Receipt - Withholding Tax

IGN6    Goods Receipt- Installments

IGN7    Goods Receipt - Delivery Packages

IGN8    Goods Receipt - Items in Package

IGN9    Goods Receipt - Drawn Dpm

ILM1    Srl & Batch Det of Inv Log Msg

ILM2    Inventory Account Substitute

IMT1    Acct data in selected template

IMT11    Calculated expression's constituent with sign for specifying account in specific template

INC1    Inventory Counting - Rows

INC2    Inventory Counting - UoM

INC3    Inventory Count - SnB

INV1    A/R Invoice - Rows

INV10    A/R Invoice - Row Structure

INV11    A/R Invoice - Drawn Dpm Detail

INV12    A/R Invoice - Tax Extension

INV13    A/R Invoice Rows - Distributed Freights

INV14    A/R Invoice - Assembly - Rows

INV15    A/R Inv. - Drawn Dpm Applied

INV16    A/R Invoice - SnB properties

INV17    A/R Invoice - Import Process

INV18    A/R Invoice - Export Process

INV19    A/R Invoice - Bin Allocation Data

INV2    A/R Invoice - Freight - Rows

INV20    Intrastat Expenses

INV3    A/R Invoice - Freight

INV4    A/R Invoice - Tax Amount per Document

INV5    A/R Invoice - Withholding Tax

INV6    A/R Invoice - Installments

INV7    A/R Invoice - Delivery Packages

INV8    A/R Invoice - Items in Package

INV9    A/R Invoice - Drawn Dpm

IOD1    Inventory Initial Qty Draft Rows

IOD2    Inventory Count Draft - SnB

IPD1    Inventory Stock Posting Draft (Reconcile) Lines

IPD2    Inventory Posting Draft - UoM

IPD3    Inventory Posting Draft - SnB

IPF1    Landed Costs - Rows

IPF2    Landed Costs - Costs

IPF3    Landed Costs - Customs Summary

IQI1    Inventory Initial Qty Rows

IQI2    Inventory Count - SnB

IQR1    Inventory Stock Posting (Reconcile) Lines

IQR2    Inventory Posting - UoM

IQR3    Inventory Posting - SnB

ISW1    Reported Business Partners

ISW2    Intrastat Reported Items

ISW3    Declaration Rows

ITL1    Srl & Batch Details in Transac

ITM1    Items - Prices

ITM10    OITM Extension

ITM11    Asset Item Period Control

ITM12    UoM in Item

ITM13    Asset Attributes

ITM2    Items - Multiple Preferred Vendors

ITM3    Items - Localization Fields

ITM4    Package in Items

ITM5    Asset Item Projects

ITM6    Asset Item Distribution Rules

ITM7    Asset Item Depreciation Params

ITM8    Asset Item Balances

ITM9    Item - UoM Prices

ITR1    Internal Reconciliation - Rows

ITT1    Bill of Materials - Component Items

ITW1    Item Count Alert

IVL1    IVL Layer Level

IVM1    Invoice Mapping Object Details

IVRU    Inventory Valuation Utility

IWB1    Batch No. Quantities Backup

IWB2    Serial No. Quantities Backup

IWZ1    Accounts Revaluation History

IWZ2    Inflation Warehouse Filter

IWZ3    Items Last Revaluation Data

JDT1    Journal Entry - Rows

JDT2    Withholding Tax - History

JST1    TDS Adjustment - Rows

KPS1    KPI Set Array 1

LGL1    Legal Data - Rows

LLR1    Electronic Report Generation Result - Reports

MAP1    Input and Output of Mapping

MAP2    Mapping Input and Output Relation

MDC1    Master Data Cleanup - Log

MDC2    Master Data Cleanup - MD Log

MDP1    Manual Depreciation - Rows

MDP2    Manual Depreciation - Area Journal Transactions

MDP3    Manual Depreciation - Item Areas

MDR1    Manual Distribution Rule - Rows

MIN1    Monthly Invoice Report Document Information

MIN2    Item Imformation of MI

MIV1    A/P Monthly Invoice - Document

MIV2    A/P Monthly Invoice - Item

MLS1    Distribution Lists - Recipients

MLT1    Translations in user language

MRV1    Inventory Revaluation Information Array

MRV2    Inventory Revaluation FIFO Rows

MRV3    Inventory Revaluation SNB

MSN1    MRP Scenarios - Warehouses Array

MSN2    MRP Run Results

MSN3    MRP Pegging Information

MSN4    MRP Scenarios - Items Array

MSN5    MRP-Specific Document

NFN1    Not a Fiscal Sequence

NNM1    Documents Numbering - Series

NNM4    Electronic Series

NNM5    Document Numbering - Removed Serial Numbers

OACD    Credit Memo

OACG    Account Category

OACK    Acknowledge Number

OACM    Accumulation

OACP    Periods Category

OACQ    Capitalization

OACR    Accrual Type

OACS    Asset Classes

OACT    G/L Accounts

OADF    Address Formats

OADG    Depreciation Groups

OADM    Administration

OADT    Fixed Assets Account Determination

OAGM    Arguments for B1i

OAGP    Agent Name

OAGS    Asset Groups

OAIM    Archive Inventory Message

OALC    Loading Expenses

OALI    Alternative Items 2

OAMD    Amount Differences Report

OARG    Customs Groups

OARI    Add-On - Company Definitions

OASC    Account Segmentation Categories

OASG    Account Segmentation

OAT1    Blanket Agreement - Rows

OAT2    Blanket Agreement - Details

OAT3    Item Details: Activity

OAT4    Blanket Agreement - Recurring Transactions

OATC    Attachments

OBAT    Bin Location Attribute

OBBI    Brazil Beverage Indexer

OBBQ    Item - Serial/Batch - Bin Accumulator

OBCA    Bank Charges Allocation Codes

OBCD    Bar Code Master Data

OBCG    Bank Charge for Bank Transfers

OBDC    B1i DI Configuration

OBFC    Bin Field Configuration

OBFI    Brazil Fuel Indexer

OBGD    Budget Cost Assess. Mthd

OBGS    Budget Scenario

OBGT    Budget

OBIN    Bin Location

OBMI    Brazilian Multi-Indexer

OBNH    Bank Statement Header

OBNI    Brazil Numeric Indexer

OBNK    External Bank Statement Received

OBOC    External Bank Operation Code Category

OBOD    BIOD Master Data

OBOE    Bill of Exchange for Payment

OBOS    Box Set Definition

OBOT    Bill Of Exchang Transaction

OBOX    Box Definition

OBPL    Business Place

OBPP    BP Priorities

OBSI    Brazil String Indexer

OBSL    Warehouse Sublevel

OBST    BoE Stamp Tax

OBTC    Internal Bank Operation Codes

OBTD    Journal Vouchers List

OBTF    Journal Voucher Entry

OBTL    Bin Transaction Log

OBTN    Batch Numbers Master Data

OBTQ    Batch No. Quantities

OBTW    Batch Attributes in Location

OBVL    Serial Numbers and Batch Valuation Log

OCBI    Central Bank Ind.

OCCD    Cargo Customs Declaration Numbers

OCCS    Cycle Count Determination

OCCT    Cost Center Type

OCDC    Cash Discount

OCDP    Closing Date Procedure

OCDT    Credit Card Payment

OCFH    Cash Flow Statement History

OCFP    CFOP for Nota Fiscal

OCFT    Cash Flow Transactions - Rows

OCFW    Cash Flow Line Item

OCHD    Checks for Payment Drafts

OCHF    312

OCHH    Check Register

OCHO    Checks for Payment

OCHP    India Chapter ID

OCIF    Configuration of Intrastat Fields

OCIG    CIG Codes

OCIN    A/R Correction Invoice

OCIP    Configuration of Integration Packages

OCLA    Activity Status

OCLG    Activities

OCLO    Meetings Location

OCLS    Activity Subjects

OCLT    Activity Types

OCMN    Customized Menu

OCMT    Competitors


OCNT    Counties

OCOG    Commission Groups

OCPC    Quick Copy Config.

OCPI    A/P Correction Invoice

OCPL    Quick Copy Log Manager

OCPN    Campaign

OCPR    Contact Persons

OCPT    Cockpit Main Table

OCPV    A/P Correction Invoice Reversal

OCQG    Card Properties

OCR1    Distribution Rule - Rows

OCRB    BP - Bank Account

OCRC    Credit Cards

OCRD    Business Partner

OCRG    Card Groups

OCRH    Credit Card Management

OCRN    Currency Codes

OCRP    Payment Methods

OCRT    CRDB Tables Tree List

OCRV    Credit Payments

OCRY    Countries

OCSC    Crystal Server Configuration

OCSI    A/R Correction Invoice

OCSN    Certificate Series

OCSQ    Column Sequences

OCST    States

OCSV    A/R Correction Invoice Reversal

OCTG    Payment Terms

OCTR    Service Contracts

OCTT    Contract Template

OCUC    CUS Configuration

OCUL    Customer Usage Statistics Log

OCUP    CUP Codes

OCYC    Cycle

ODAB    Dashboard

ODAR    Data Archiving

ODBN    Bat. Nos - Draft - Master Data

ODBW    Batch Draft Attribs in Locat.

ODCC    Dashboard Cache Configuration

ODCI    Intrastat Configuration

ODDG    Withholding Tax Deduction Groups

ODDT    Withholding Tax Deduction Hierarchy

ODGL    Deduction Group List

ODGP    Document Generation Parameter Sets

ODIM    Cost Accounting Dimension

ODLL    Bar Code Algorithm File

ODLN    Delivery

ODMC    GL Account Determination - Criteria

ODMW    Data Migration

ODNF    DNF Code

ODOR    Doubtful Debts

ODOW    Data Ownership - Objects

ODOX    Data Ownership - Exceptions

ODPA    Fixed Asset Depreciation Areas

ODPI    A/R Down Payment

ODPO    A/P Down Payment

ODPP    Depreciation Type Pools

ODPS    Deposit

ODPT    Postdated Deposit

ODPV    Fixed Assets Depreciation Value

ODRF    Drafts

ODRN    Depreciation Run

ODSC    Bank Codes

ODSN    SNs - Draft - Master Data

ODSW    SN Draft Attribs in Location

ODTP    Fixed Assets Depreciation Types

ODTY    BoE Document Type

ODUN    Dunning Letters

ODUT    Dunning Terms

ODWZ    Dunning Wizard

OECDW    ECD Wizard

OECM    Electronic Communication Types or Protocols

OEDG    Discount Groups

OEI1    Outgoing Excise Invoice - Rows

OEI10    Outgoing Excise Invoice - Row Structure

OEI11    OEI - Drawn Dpm Detail

OEI12    Outgoing Excise Invoice - Tax Extension

OEI13    Outgoing Excise Invoice Rows - Distributed Expenses

OEI14    Outgoing Excise Invoice - Assembly - Rows

OEI15    OEI - Drawn Dpm Applied

OEI16    Outgoing Excise Invoice - SnB properties

OEI17    Outgoing Excise Invoice - Import Process

OEI18    Outgoing Excise Invoice - Export Process

OEI19    Outgoing Excise Invoice - Bin Allocation Data

OEI2    OEI - Freight Rows

OEI20    Intrastat Expenses

OEI3    OEI - Freight

OEI4    Outgoing Excise Invoice - Tax Amount per Document

OEI5    Outgoing Excise Invoice - Withholding Tax

OEI6    Outgoing Excise Invoice - Installments

OEI7    Delivery Packages - Outgoing Excise Invoice

OEI8    Outgoing Excise Invoice - Items in Package

OEI9    OEI - Drawn Dpm

OEJB    Wizard Run Details for ERV-JAb

OEJD    Company Details for ERV-JAb

OENC    Encryption Types

OERN    Excise Register Numbering

OERT    Excise Register Numbering Type

OERX    Excise Register Numbering Ext

OEXD    Freight Setup

OFAA    Asset Attributes

OFAC    Fixed Asset Parameter Change

OFAM    Fixed Asset Data Migration

OFAR    Fixed Asset Revaluation

OFCT    Sales Forecast

OFIX    Fixed Asset Transactions

OFML    Tax Formula Master Table

OFPC    Fixed Assets Fiscal Year Change

OFPR    Posting Period

OFRC    Financial Report Categories

OFRM    File Format

OFRT    Financial Report Templates

OFTR    Transfer

OFYM    Financial Year Master

OGAR    G/L Account Advanced Rules

OGBI    GB Interface: Common Info

OGFL    Grid Filter

OGPA    Gross Profit Adjustment

OGSP    Goods Shipment

OGTI    GTS Invoice

OGTM    GTS Mapping Object

OHED    Education Types

OHEM    Employees

OHET    Object: HR Employee Transfer

OHLD    Holiday Table

OHMM    SAP HANA Model Management

OHPS    Employee Position

OHST    Employee Status

OHTM    Employee Teams

OHTR    Termination Reason

OHTY    Employee Types

OIBQ    Item - Bin Accumulator

OIBT    Batch No. for Item

OICD    Inventory Stock Counting Draft

OIDC    Indicator

OIDT    Employee ID Type

OIDX    CPI Codes

OIEI    Incoming Excise Invoice

OIGE    Goods Issue

OIGN    Goods Receipt

OIGW    Item Group - Warehouse

OILM    Inventory Log Message

OIMT    Templates for Inventory JE

OINC    Inventory Stock Counting

OIND    Triangular Deal

OINM    Whse Journal

OINS    Customer Equipment Card

OINV    A/R Invoice

OIOD    Inventory Initial Quantity Draft

OIPD    Inventory Stock Posting Draft (Reconcile)

OIPF    Landed Costs

OIPO    Internal Payment Order Number

OIQI    Inventory Initial Quantity

OIQR    Inventory Stock Posting (Reconcile)

OIRT    Interest Prices

OIST    BoE Instruction

OISW    Intrastat Wizard

OITB    Item Groups

OITG    Item Properties

OITL    Inventory Transactions Log

OITM    Items

OITR    Internal Reconciliation

OITT    Product Tree

OITW    Items - Warehouse

OIVE    FIFO Based Sales Return


OIVL    Whse Journal

OIVM    GTS Invoice Mapping Object

OIVQ    FIFO Queue Working Table

OIWB    Items - Warehouse Counting Data Backup

OIWZ    Inflation Wizard

OJDT    Journal Entry

OJET    JE Document Type

OJPE    Local Era Calendar

OJST    TDS Adjustment


OKRT    Tax Report Type

OLCT    Location

OLGL    Legal Data

OLGT    Length Units

OLLF    Legal List Format

OLLR    Electronic Report Generation Result

OLNG    User Language Table

OLNK    Help Links

OLTB    Location-based Tax Bal Table

OMAO    Mobile Add-On Setting

OMAP    Mapping Elements

OMDC    Master Data Cleanup

OMDP    Manual Depreciation

OMDR    Manual Distribution Rule

OMGP    Material Group

OMIN    A/R Monthly Invoice

OMIV    A/P Monthly Invoice

OMLS    Distribution List

OMLT    Multi-Language Translation

OMPS    Map Services

OMRC    Manufacturers

OMRL    Advanced Inventory Revaluation

OMRV    Inventory Revaluation

OMSG    Messaging Service Settings

OMSN    MRP Scenarios

OMTC    Bank Statement - Matching Criteria

OMTH    Reconciliation History

OMTP    Material Type

ONCM    NCM Code

ONFM    Nota Fiscal Model

ONFT    Nota Fiscal Tax Category (Brazil)

ONOA    Nature of Assessee

OOAT    Blanket Agreement

OOCC    BoE Occurrence Code

OOCR    Distribution Rule

OOEI    Outgoing Excise Invoice

OOFR    Defect Cause

OOIN    Interest

OOIR    Interest Level

OOND    Industries

OOPR    Sales Opportunity

OORL    Relationships

OOSR    Information Source

OOST    Sales Stage

OPAC    PAC Companies

OPCH    A/P Invoice

OPCI    Process Checklist Instance

OPCT    Process Checklist Template

OPDF    Payment Draft

OPDN    Goods Receipt PO

OPDT    Predefined Text

OPEX    Payment Results Table

OPFT    Portfolio Definitions

OPID    Period Indicator

OPJT    Project Plan

OPKG    Package Types

OPKL    Pick List

OPLN    Price Lists

OPOI    Incoming Payment Order

OPOO    Outgoing Payment Order

OPOR    Purchase Order

OPPA    Password Administration

OPQN    Purchase Quotation Group

OPQT    Purchase Quotation

OPQW    Purchase Quotation Generation: Parameter Sets

OPR1    Sales Opportunity - Rows

OPR2    Sales Opportunity - Partners

OPR3    Sales Opportunity - Competitors

OPR4    Sales Opportunity - Interests

OPR5    Sales Opportunity - Reasons

OPRC    Cost Center

OPRJ    Project Codes

OPRO    Property Object

OPRQ    Purchase Request

OPRT    Partners

OPSC    Product Source Code

OPTF    BoE Portfolio

OPVL    Lender - Pelecard

OPWB    PWZ - Bank Account

OPWZ    Payment Wizard

OPYB    Payment Block

OPYD    Payment Run

OPYM    Payment Methods for Payment Wizard

OQUE    Queue

OQUT    Sales Quotation

OQWZ    Query Wizard

ORCL    Recurring Transaction Instances

ORCM    Recommendation Data

ORCN    Retail Chains

ORCP    Recurring Transaction Template

ORCR    Recurring Postings

ORCT    Incoming Payment

ORDN    Returns

ORDR    Sales Order

OREQ    External System Call Request

ORFL    Already Displayed 347, 349 and WTax Reports

ORIN    A/R Credit Memo

ORIT    Dunning Interest Rate

OROC    Retorno Operation Codes

ORPC    A/P Credit Memo

ORPD    Goods Return

ORSB    Resource Groups

ORSC    Resource Master Data

ORSG    Resource Properties

ORST    Route Stages

ORTI    Retirement

ORTM    Rate Differences

ORTS    CPI and FC Rates for Reports

ORTT    CPI and FC Rates

ORTW    Boleto Retorno Wizard: Parameter Sets

OSAB    Social

OSBQ    Item - Serial/Batch - Bin Accumulator

OSCD    Service Code Table

OSCG    Service Category

OSCL    Service Calls

OSCM    Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Configuration Rules: Material

OSCN    Customer/Vendor Cat. No.

OSCO    Service Call Origins

OSCP    Service Call Problem Types

OSCR    Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Configuration Rules: Revenues & Expenses

OSCS    Service Call Statuses

OSCT    Service Call Types

OSEC    Sections


OSGP    Service Group for Brazil

OSHP    Delivery Types

OSHR    Shareholder's Rights and Interests Report History

OSLM    Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Report: Material

OSLP    Sales Employee

OSLR    Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Report: Revenues & Expenses

OSLT    Service Call Solutions

OSPG    Special Prices for Groups

OSPP    Special Prices

OSRA    Scheduled Report Actions

OSRD    Batches and Serial Numbers

OSRI    Serial Numbers for Items

OSRL    Serial Numbers

OSRN    Serial Numbers Master Data

OSRQ    Serial No. Quantities

OSRT    Korean Summary Report

OSRW    Serial No. Attribs in Location

OSSP    Service Supply

OSST    Service Call Solution Statuses

OSTA    Sales Tax Authorities

OSTB    Template

OSTC    Sales Tax Codes

OSTT    Sales Tax Authorities Type

OSVR    Saved Reconciliations

OSVT    Define Summary VAT Report Type

OTAX    VAT Transactions

OTBP    Target Group Business Partner

OTCD    Tax Code Determination

OTCN    Tracking Note

OTCX    Tax Code Determination

OTER    Territories

OTFC    Tax Type Combination

OTGG    Target Group

OTHL    Thresholds

OTIZ    Company Time Zone

OTNC    Transaction Category

OTNN    1099 Forms

OTOB    1099 Opening Balance

OTOF    Tax Offices

OTPA    Tax Parameter Attributes

OTPI    Purchase Tax Invoice

OTPL    Import Template

OTPR    Tax Return Values

OTPS    Tax Parameter

OTRC    Journal Entry Codes

OTRN    Multilingual Service Table

OTRS    Tax Report Saving Object

OTRT    Posting Templates

OTRX    Transformation Documents

OTSC    CST Code for Nota Fiscal

OTSI    Sales Tax Invoice

OTWS    E-Tax Web Site

OTXD    Tax Invoice Draft

OUBR    Branches

OUDG    User Defaults

OUDO    User-Defined Object

OUDP    Departments

OUGP    UoM Group


OUOM    UoM Master Data

OUPT    User Autorization Tree

OUSG    Usage of Nota Fiscal

OUSR    Users

OUTB    User Tables

OUTX    Unreported VAT Transactions

OVNM    VAT Report Numbering

OVPM    Outgoing Payments

OVRT    Tax Invoice Report

OVRW    VAT Reposting Wizard

OVTG    Tax Definition

OVTP    Vendor Type

OVTR    Tax Report

OWDD    Docs. for Confirmation

OWDT    Widget Table

OWEX    Workflow Engine Execution Entity

OWFER    Workflow Error Message

OWFI    Workflow - Instances

OWGT    Weight Units

OWHS    Warehouses

OWHT    Withholding Tax

OWIN    Workflow Engine Information

OWJB    Workflow Job Entity

OWKO    Production Instructions

OWLS    Workflow - Task Details

OWMG    Workflow Manager

OWOR    Production Order

OWPK    Dashboard Packages

OWST    Confirmation Level

OWTI    Workflow Timer Definition

OWTJ    Workflow Timer Job

OWTM    Approval Templates

OWTQ    Inventory Transfer Request

OWTR    Inventory Transfer

OWTS    Workflow Engine Task Table

OWTT    Withholding Tax Type

PCH1    A/P Invoice - Rows

PCH10    A/P Invoice - Row Structure

PCH12    A/P Invoice - Tax Extension

PCH13    A/P Invoice Rows - Distributed Expenses

PCH14    A/P Invoice - Assembly - Rows

PCH15    A/P Invoice - Drawn Dpm Appld

PCH16    A/P Invoice - SnB properties

PCH17    A/P Invoice - Import Process

PCH18    A/P Invoice - Export Process

PCH19    A/P Invoice - Bin Allocation Data

PCH2    A/P Invoice - Freight - Rows

PCH20    Intrastat Expenses

PCH3    A/P Invoice - Freight

PCH4    A/P Invoice - Tax Amount per Document

PCH5    A/P Invoice - Withholding Tax Data

PCH6    A/P Invoice - Installments

PCH7    Delivery Packages - A/P Invoice

PCH8    A/P Invoice - Items in Package

PCH9    A/P Invoice - Drawn Dpm

PCI1    Process Checklist Element Extended Data

PDF1    Payment Draft - Checks

PDF2    Payment Draft - Invoices

PDF3    Payment Draft - Credit Vouchers

PDF4    Payment Draft - Account List

PDF6    Payment Drafts - Withholding Tax - Rows

PDF7    Payment Draft - Tax Amount per Document

PDF8    Payment Draft - TDS Entries

PDN1    Goods Receipt PO - Rows

PDN10    Goods Receipt PO - Row Structure

PDN12    Goods Receipt PO - Tax Extension

PDN13    Goods Receipt PO Rows - Distributed Expenses

PDN14    Goods Receipt PO - Assembly - Rows

PDN15    GRPO - Drawn Dpm Applied

PDN16    Goods Receipt PO - SnB properties

PDN17    Goods Receipt PO - Import Process

PDN18    Goods Receipt PO - Export Process

PDN19    Goods Receipt PO - Bin Allocation Data

PDN2    Goods Receipt PO - Freight - Rows

PDN20    Intrastat Expenses

PDN3    Goods Receipt PO - Freight

PDN4    Goods Receipt PO - Tax Amount per Document

PDN5    Goods Reciept PO - Withholding Tax

PDN6    Goods Receipt PO - Installments

PDN7    Goods Receipt PO - Delivery Packages

PDN8    Goods Receipt PO - Items in Package

PDN9    Goods Receipt PO - Drawn Dpm

PEX1    Payment Results Table - Rows

PJT1    Project Plan Steps

PJT2    Project Plan Steps Time Record

PKL1    Pick List - Rows

PKL2    Pick List for SnB and Bin Details

PMV8    Incoming Payment - TDS Entries

POR1    Purchase Order - Rows

POR10    Purchase Order - Row structure

POR12    Purchase Order - Tax Extension

POR13    Purchase Order Rows - Distributed Expenses

POR14    Purchase Order - Assembly - Rows

POR15    PO - Drawn Dpm Applied

POR16    Purchase Order - SnB properties

POR17    Purchase Order - Import Process

POR18    Purchase Order - Export Process

POR19    Purchase Order - Bin Allocation Data

POR2    Purchase Order - Freight - Rows

POR20    Intrastat Expenses

POR3    Purchase Order - Freight

POR4    Purchase Order - Tax Amount per Document

POR5    Purchase Order - Withholding Tax

POR6    Purchase Order - Installments

POR7    Delivery Packages - Purchase Order

POR8    Items in Package - Purchase Order

POR9    Purchase Order - Drawn Dpm

PQT1    Purchase Quotation - Rows

PQT10    Purchase Quotation - Row Structure

PQT12    Purchase Quotation - Tax Extension

PQT13    Purchase Quotation Rows - Distributed Expenses

PQT14    Purchase Quotation - Assembly - Rows

PQT15    PQ - Drawn DPM Applied

PQT16    Purchase Quotation - SnB properties

PQT17    Purchase Quotation - Import Process

PQT18    Purchase Quotation - Export Process

PQT19    Purchase Quotation - Bin Allocation Data

PQT2    Purchase Quotation - Freight - Rows

PQT20    Intrastat Expenses

PQT3    Purchase Quotation - Freight

PQT4    Purchase Quotation - Tax Amount per Document

PQT5    Purchase Quotation - Withholding Tax

PQT6    Purchase Quotation - Installments

PQT7    Delivery Packages - Purchase Quotation

PQT8    Items in Package - Purchase Quotation

PQT9    Purchase Quotation - Drawn DPM

PQW1    Purchase Quotation Generation: Line Items

PRQ1    Purchase Request - Rows

PRQ10    Purchase Request - Row Structure

PRQ12    Purchase Request - Tax Extension

PRQ13    Purchase Request Rows - Distributed Expenses

PRQ14    Purchase Request - Assembly - Rows

PRQ15    PR - Drawn DPM Applied

PRQ16    Purchase Request - SnB Properties

PRQ17    Purchase Request - Bin Allocation Data

PRQ18    Purchase Request - Export Process

PRQ19    Purchase Request - Bin Allocation Data

PRQ2    Purchase Request - Freight - Rows

PRQ20    Intrastat Expenses

PRQ3    Purchase Request - Freight

PRQ4    Purchase Request - Tax Amount per Document

PRQ5    Purchase Request - Withholding Tax

PRQ6    Purchase Request - Installments

PRQ7    Delivery Packages - Purchase Request

PRQ8    Items in Package - Purchase Request

PRQ9    Purchase Request - Drawn DPM

PRS1    Detail Lines of Print Sequence Definition

PUTR    Pre-Upgrade Test Result

PUTR1    Pre-Upgrade Test Result Line

PWZ2    Payment Wizard - Rows 2

PWZ3    Payment Wizard - Rows 3

PWZ4    Payment Wizard - Rows 4

PWZ5    Payment Wizard - Rows 5

PWZ6    Payment Wizard Rows - 6

PYD1    Payment Terms Allowed in Payment Run

PYM1    Currency Selection

QUE1    Queue Members

QUE2    Queue Elements

QUT1    Sales Quotation - Rows

QUT10    Sales Quotation - Row Structure

QUT12    Sales Quotation - Tax Extension

QUT13    Sales Quotation Rows - Distributed Expenses

QUT14    Sales Quotation - Assembly - Rows

QUT15    Sls Quote - Drawn Dpm Applied

QUT16    Sales Quotation - SnB properties

QUT17    Sales Quotation - Import Process

QUT18    Sales Quotation - Export Process

QUT19    Sales Quotation - Bin Allocation Data

QUT2    Sales Quotation - Freight - Rows

QUT20    Intrastat Expenses

QUT3    Sales Quotation - Freight

QUT4    Sales Quotation - Tax Amount per Document

QUT5    Sales Quotation - Tax

QUT6    Sales Quotation - Installments

QUT7    Delivery Packages - Sales Quotation

QUT8    Sales Quotation - Items in Package

QUT9    Sales Quotation - Drawn Dpm

QWZ1    Query Tables

QWZ2    Query Result Fields

QWZ3    Query Condition Fields

RCC4    Incoming Payment - Credit Vouchers

RCON    Connection Map for CR Templates

RCR1    Recurring Postings - Rows

RCT1    Incoming Payment - Checks

RCT2    Incoming Payments - Invoices

RCT3    Incoming Pmt - Credit Vouchers

RCT4    Incoming Payment - Account List

RCT6    Incoming Payments - WTax Rows

RCT7    Incoming Pmt - Tax Amount per Document

RCT8    Incoming Payment - TDS Entries

RDC1    Multilingual Report

RDN1    Returns - Rows

RDN10    Returns - Row Structure

RDN12    Returns - Tax Extension

RDN13    Returns Rows - Distributed Expenses

RDN14    Return - Assembly - Rows

RDN15    Returns - Drawn Dpm Applied

RDN16    Returns - SnB properties

RDN17    Returns - Import Process

RDN18    Returns - Export Process

RDN19    Returns - Bin Allocation Data

RDN2    Return - Freight - Rows

RDN20    Intrastat Expenses

RDN3    Return - Freight

RDN4    Returns - Tax Amount per Document

RDN5    Returns - Withholding Tax

RDN6    Returns - Installments

RDN7    Delivery Packages - Returns

RDN8    Returns - Items in Package

RDN9    Returns - Drawn Dpm

RDOC    Document

RDR1    Sales Order - Rows

RDR10    Sales Order - Row Structure

RDR12    Sales Order - Tax Extension

RDR13    Sales Order Rows - Distributed Expenses

RDR14    Sales Order - Assembly - Rows

RDR15    Sls Ord. - Drawn Dpm Applied

RDR16    Sales Order - SnB properties

RDR17    Sales Order - Import Process

RDR18    Sales Order - Export Process

RDR19    Sales Order - Bin Allocation Data

RDR2    Sales Order - Freight - Rows

RDR20    Intrastat Expenses

RDR3    Sales Order - Freight

RDR4    Sales Order - Tax Amount per Document

RDR5    Sales Order - Withholding Tax

RDR6    Sales Order - Installments

RDR7    Delivery Packages - Sales Order

RDR8    Sales Order - Items in Package

RDR9    Order - Drawn Dpm

REQ1    External System Call Request - Message List

REQ2    External System Call Request - Argument List

REQ3    External System Call Request - Message Argument List

RIN1    A/R Credit Memo - Rows

RIN10    A/R Credit Memo - Row Structure

RIN12    A/R Credit Memo - Tax Extension

RIN13    A/R Credit Memo Rows - Distributed Expenses

RIN14    A/R Credit Memo - Assembly - Rows

RIN15    A/R Cr. Memo - Drawn Dpm Appld

RIN16    A/R Credit Memo - SnB properties

RIN17    A/R Credit Memo - Import Process

RIN18    A/R Credit Memo - Export Process

RIN19    A/R Credit Memo - Bin Allocation Data

RIN2    A/R Credit Memo - Freight - Rows

RIN20    Intrastat Expenses

RIN3    A/R Credit Memo - Freight

RIN4    A/R Credit Memo - Tax Amount per Document

RIN5    A/R Credit Memo - Withholding Tax

RIN6    A/R Credit Memo - Installments

RIN7    A/R Credit Memo - Delivery Packages

RIN8    Items in Package - A/R Credit Memo

RIN9    A/R Credit Memo - Drawn Dpm

RIT1    Interest Rates

RITM    Reporting Element

RPC1    A/P Credit Memo - Rows

RPC10    A/P Credit Memo - Row Structure

RPC12    A/P Credit Memo - Tax Extension

RPC13    A/P Credit Memo Rows - Distributed Expenses

RPC14    A/P Credit Memo - Assembly - Rows

RPC15    A/P Cr. Memo - Drawn Dpm Appld

RPC16    A/P Credit Memo - SnB properties

RPC17    A/P Credit Memo - Import Process

RPC18    A/P Credit Memo - Export Process

RPC19    A/P Credit Memo - Bin Allocation Data

RPC2    A/P Credit Memo Rows - Expenses

RPC20    Intrastat Expenses

RPC3    A/P Credit Memo - Freight

RPC4    A/P Credit Memo - Tax Amount per Document

RPC5    A/P Credit Memo - Withholding Tax

RPC6    A/P Credit Memo - Installments

RPC7    Delivery Packages - A/P Credit Memo

RPC8    Items in Package - A/P Credit Memo

RPC9    A/P Credit Memo - Drawn Dpm

RPD1    Goods Return - Rows

RPD10    Goods Return - Row Structure

RPD12    Goods Return - Tax Extension

RPD13    Goods Returns Rows - Distributed Expenses

RPD14    Goods Return - Assembly - Rows

RPD15    Gds Return - Drawn Dpm Applied

RPD16    Goods Return - SnB properties

RPD17    Goods Return - Import Process

RPD18    Goods Return - Export Process

RPD19    Goods Return - Bin Allocation Data

RPD2    Goods Return - Freight - Rows

RPD20    Intrastat Expenses

RPD3    Goods Return - Freight

RPD4    Goods Return - Tax Amount per Document

RPD5    Goods Return - Withholding Tax Data

RPD6    Goods Return - Installments

RPD7    Goods Return - Delivery Packages

RPD8    Goods Return - Items in Package

RPD9    Goods Return - Drawn Dpm

RPRS    Print Sequence Definition

RSC1    Resources - Warehouses

RSC2    Resources - Prices

RTI1    Retirement - Rows

RTI2    Retirement - Area Journal Transactions

RTI3    Retirement - Item Areas

RTM1    Rate Differences - Rows

RTM2    Rate Differences - SC Adjustment Rows

RTW1    Boleto Retorno Wizard: Import Table

RTW2    Boleto Retorno Wizard: Import Archive

RTYP    Document Type List

SCL1    Service Call Solutions - Rows

SCL2    Service Call Inventory Expenses

SCL3    Service Call Travel/Labor Expenses

SCL4    Expense Documents

SCL5    Service Call Activities

SCM1    Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Configuration Rule Conditions: Material

SCM2    Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Configuration Rule Goals: Material

SCM3    Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Configuration Rule Additional Calculations: Material

SCR1    Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Configuration Rule Conditions: Revenues & Expenses

SCR2    Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Configuration Rule Goals: Revenues & Expenses

SCR3    Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Configuration Rule Additional Calculations: Revenues & Expenses

SHR1    Shareholder's Rights and Interests Report History - Rows

SITM    Items

SITW    Items - Warehouse

SIVE    FIFO Based Sales Return


SIVL    Whse Journal

SIVL1    IVL Layer Level

SIVQ    FIFO Queue Working Table

SLM1    Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Report Lines: Material

SLR1    Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Report Lines: Revenues & Expenses

SPP1    Special Prices - Data Areas

SPP2    Special Prices - Quantity Areas

SQR1    System Queries

SRA1    Scheduled Report Parameters

SRA2    Scheduled Report Run Output

SRA3    Scheduled Report Recipients

SRI1    Serial No. Trans. for Item

SRT1    Korean Summary Report - Rows1

SRT2    Korean Summary Report - Rows2

STA1    Valid Period

STC1    Sales Tax Codes - Rows

SVR1    Saved Reconciliations - Transaction List

TAX1    VAT Transactions - Rows

TCD1    Key Fields for Determination

TCD2    Key Field Values

TCD3    Tax Code Determination

TCD4    Withholding Tax Code Determination

TCD5    Tax Code by Usage

TCN1    Tracking Note - Line Data

TCN2    Tracking Note - Brokers

TDR1    Can Be Archive

TFC1    Tax Type Combination - Rows

TGG1    Target Group Details

TGPA    Gross Profit Adjustment - Log

TMP1    Bill of Materials - Component Items

TMP8    Incoming Payment - TDS Entries

TNN1    1099 Boxes

TPI1    Purchase Tax Invoice - Rows

TPI2    Tax Invoice Operation Codes

TPL1    Template - Records

TPS1    Tax Parameter Attributes

TPS2    Tax Parameter - Return Values

TRN1    Subtable of OTRN

TRN2    Subtable of OTRN

TRS1    Tax Report Saving Object - Approved Documents

TRS2    Tax Rpt Sav Obj Man Chgd Vals

TRT1    Posting Templates - Rows

TSI1    Sales Tax Invoice - Rows1

TSI2    Tax Invoice Operation Codes

TXD1    Tax Invoice Drafts - Rows

UBTN    Batch Numbers Master Data

UBVL    Serial Numbers and Batch Valuation Log

UDG1    User Defaults - Documents

UDG2    User Defaults - Credit Cards

UDO1    User-Defined Objects - Child

UDO2    User-Defined Objects - Find Columns

UDO3    User-Defined Objects - Found Columns

UDO4    User-Defined Objects - Child Table Columns

UGP1    UoM Group Detail

UILM    IVI Inventory Log Message

UILM1    Srl & Batch Det of Inv Log Msg

UILM2    Inventory Account Substitute

UITM    Items

UITW    Items - Warehouse

UIVE    FIFO Based Sales Return


UIVL    Whse Journal

UIVL1    IVL Layer Level

UIVQ    FIFO Queue Working Table

UPT1    User Authorization Tree - Extended Permission

UQR1    Queries

USR5    User Access Log

USR6    User Branch Assignment

USRN    Serial Numbers - Master Data

UTX1    Unreported VAT Transactions - Rows

UWKO    Production Instructions

UWKO1    Production Instructions - Rows

UWO2    Production Order - Base

UWOR    Production Order

UWOR1    Production Order - Rows

VLG1    Validation of Recalc. From To

VPM1    Outgoing Payments - Check Rows

VPM2    Outgoing Payments - Invoices

VPM3    Outgoing Payments - Credit Vouchers

VPM4    Outgoing Payments - Accounts

VPM6    Outgoing Payments - WTax  Rows

VPM7    Outgoing Payments - Tax Amount per Document

VPM8    Outgoing Payment - TDS Entries

VRT1    Tax Invoice Report - Rows

VRT2    Tax Invoice Report Grid Info

VTG1    Tax Definition

VTR1    Tax Groups

VTR2    Doc. Type Filter

VTR3    Series Filter

WDD1    Documents for Approval - Authorizers

WDD2    Documents for Approval - Terms

WHT1    Withholding Tax Definition

WHT2    Withholding Tax Definition - Rows2

WHT3    Value Range

WKO1    Production Instructions - Rows

WLS1    Potential Processor of Tasks

WLS2    Input data for tasks

WLS3    Notes of Tasks

WLS4    Task Output Data

WLS5    Task Field Mapping Information

WOR1    Production Order - Rows

WOR2    Production Order - Base

WST1    Confirmation Level - Rows

WTM1    Approval Templates - Producers

WTM2    Confirmation Templates - Stages

WTM3    Approval Templates - Documents

WTM4    Approval Templates - Terms

WTM5    Approval Templates - Queries

WTQ1    Inventory Transfer Request - Rows

WTQ10    Inventory Transfer Request - Row Structure

WTQ12    Inventory Transfer Request - Tax Extension

WTQ13    Inventory Transfer Request Rows - Distributed Freights

WTQ14    Inventory Transfer Request - Assembly - Rows

WTQ15    Inv. Transfer Request - Drawn Dpm Appl

WTQ16    Inventory Transfer Request - SnB Properties

WTQ17    Inventory Transfer Request - Import Process

WTQ18    Inventory Transfer Request - Export Process

WTQ19    Inventory Transfer Request - Bin Allocation Data

WTQ2    Inventory Transfer Request - Freight - Rows

WTQ20    Intrastat Expenses

WTQ3    Inventory Transfer Request - Freight

WTQ4    Inventory Transfer Request - Tax Amount per Document

WTQ5    Inventory Transfer Request - Withholding Tax

WTQ6    Inventory Transfer Request - Installments

WTQ7    Inventory Transfer Request - Delivery Packages

WTQ8    Inventory Transfer Request - Items in Package

WTQ9    Inventory Transfer Request - Drawn DPM

WTR1    Inventory Transfer - Rows

WTR10    Inventory Transfer - Row Structure

WTR12    Inventory Transfer - Tax Extension

WTR13    Inventory Transfer Rows - Distributed Freights

WTR14    Inventory Transfer - Assembly - Rows

WTR15    Inv. Transfer - Drawn Dpm Appl

WTR16    Inventory Transfer - SnB properties

WTR17    Inventory Transfer - Import Process

WTR18    Inventory Transfer - Export Process

WTR19    Inventory Transfer - Bin Allocation Data

WTR2    Inventory Transfer - Freight - Rows

WTR20    Intrastat Expenses

WTR3    Inventory Transfer - Freight

WTR4    Inventory Transfer - Tax Amount per Document

WTR5    Inventory Transfer - Withholding Tax

WTR6    Inventory Transfer - Installments

WTR7    Inventory Transfer - Delivery Packages

WTR8    Inventory Transfer - Items in Package

WTR9    Inventory Transfer - Drawn Dpm

XRDBV    XLR company DB version

XROBJ    XLR Company Report Objects

XRREL    XLR Company Report Objects

XRUDF    XLR company UDF

XRXLS    XLR company XLS

XRXML    XLR company XML

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