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This blog is applicable for the SAP B1 Beginners or SAP B1 Junior Consultants. I have used SAP B1 note search since joined SAP Partner Company. It will be very helpful to solve all SAP B1 problems that occurs during maintenance period or implementation project.


This blog is intended to explain in a brief way about how to use the new SAP Business One Note Search comparing to old SAP B1 note search. After that, all SAP B1 consultants are expected to understand the differences between old and new and the benefits to use it.

Prerequisites – To access SAP B1 note search, you must have SAP User Id and the authorization  required to access the SAP B1 note search. This following link is the new SAP B1 note search: Note_search


Other Requirement -  Web Browsers. Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer.


New SAP B1 Search Note Window screen capture:



Old SAP B1 Search Note window screen capture:


Based on the above pictures, the old sap b1 search note did not run simpler on the other hand, the new search note is more simpler.

Here are the some steps to use the New SAP B1 Search Note

  1. Choose the SAP Business One Note tab

  2. Select radio button 'All' in the Released Within.  This field is a search parameter that used to filter the note release date.

  3. Tick 'All' in the Product Version field. This field is a search parameter that used to filter the SAP B1 version based on the database platform, i.e. MS SQL or SAP Hana

  4. select the application area, for example SBO-BC-INT. The application area is a search parameter that used to filter the SAP note based on the application area

  5. Enter the words in the search field or area to find the sap note based on the parameter

  6. Click the magnifying glasss icon to search the sap note.


Happy SAP B1 note searching. Good Luck.


Thank you